Tolkien, artist

Fighting with Glass

 So, I ground down and did the final shaping on my glass on Thursday night, then figured a firing schedule that should have allowed some slump of the glass.  I set the program, fired the glass, and nothing happened. 

So, I adjusted the firing schedule, set the new program with some longer times, and fired that yesterday.  Again, I still didn't get the results that I wanted.  So, today I will get aggressive (and hold my breath hoping that I won't ruin things by doing a more aggressive firing).  Before I leave for breakfast today, I will have the kiln firing for the third time on this group of glass.  I have two other batches waiting for this group to finish.  Oh well, eventually it will all work out.  It's pretty, and I can work with it the way that it is, but I would prefer to have my glass slumping in the way that I envision. 

It's been a great ride so far and I've enjoyed all of it.

The world is supposed to end today, or at least the "Rapture" is supposed to happen...on a rolling schedule at 6:00 p.m. tonight.  I guess I'll meet all of you later tonight since I certainly won't be Raptured anywhere.  The whole thought of being with people who are that single-minded, without the different opinions that a variety of belief systems can inspire.  But, if the world does happen to end...well, it's been a great ride and thanks for all the fish.  
Hmm, it's so frustrating when a project doesn't work out as hoped. I had that when I was playing with alkanet, a while ago now. Good luck with it!
Well, I set it to cook, and I'll see how it survived its own private rapture tomorrow am. LOL

- Erulisse (one )