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Fighting with Glass

 So, I ground down and did the final shaping on my glass on Thursday night, then figured a firing schedule that should have allowed some slump of the glass.  I set the program, fired the glass, and nothing happened. 

So, I adjusted the firing schedule, set the new program with some longer times, and fired that yesterday.  Again, I still didn't get the results that I wanted.  So, today I will get aggressive (and hold my breath hoping that I won't ruin things by doing a more aggressive firing).  Before I leave for breakfast today, I will have the kiln firing for the third time on this group of glass.  I have two other batches waiting for this group to finish.  Oh well, eventually it will all work out.  It's pretty, and I can work with it the way that it is, but I would prefer to have my glass slumping in the way that I envision. 

It's been a great ride so far and I've enjoyed all of it.

The world is supposed to end today, or at least the "Rapture" is supposed to happen...on a rolling schedule at 6:00 p.m. tonight.  I guess I'll meet all of you later tonight since I certainly won't be Raptured anywhere.  The whole thought of being with people who are that single-minded, without the different opinions that a variety of belief systems can inspire.  But, if the world does happen to end...well, it's been a great ride and thanks for all the fish.  
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I'll see you later tonight for sure!

Do you have a separate room or area for your craft work?
Those things that deal with chemicals or fire, I do in my laundry room. It's the only room with a concrete floor. I do have a craft room (which is in a horrible state of disarray just now) as well as a den (which is full of scattered "organization" projects right now) and my computer room (which is also messy and full of my reference books - at least those that I can't get on epub). My poor long-suffering DH won't let me bring home any more "stuff" because we're out of room :-) I think that a bit more organization would be treat, but also fully admit that I do have a lot of equipment and supplies :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
who will be toasting the Rapture with wine tonight, long after all of the "called" have left the rest of us to party.
Hmm, it's so frustrating when a project doesn't work out as hoped. I had that when I was playing with alkanet, a while ago now. Good luck with it!
Well, I set it to cook, and I'll see how it survived its own private rapture tomorrow am. LOL

- Erulisse (one )
I hope your glass comes out how its supposed to this time!

The Rapture is now on a rolling schedule?! Guess God isn't timeless after all… (Says the ex-Catholic who, according to this group, definitely wouldn't be one of those taken.)
Hmmm...It is 7.11 pm here and I am still non-raptured.

I do not have the gift of foresight but somehow I knew I would be lol
I have my Miruvor next to me, Conan the Barbarian on the TV, and will be playing LOTRO shortly. All's well with my world - LOL.

- Erulisse (one L)
20:24 in the UK. Life carries on. I though I might avoid preparing dinner, but nope!

Good luck with your aggressive firing, I hope it doesn't turn your glass into black lumps of burnt sand!
I'm hoping for the best, Russa. I tried the milder firings and they didn't work, so now it is time to be aggressive. Enjoy your night :-)

- Erulisse (one L)