engarian (engarian) wrote,

Time? I don't HAVE Time!

 I'm focused on my schedule for the next two weeks until I leave for Bead & Button Show and...I'm out of time. 

I need to get my brakes redone (they are in really bad shape) as well as the car aligned, so I need to get that in next week.  Next week the electrician starts work on my father-by-marriage's home and also, on Wednesday, we have a meeting with the man who, I hope, will become our new accountant.  I just hope things go smoothly, I really would like to just turn things over to him and feel comfortable once again. 

I have stories to write, of course, but I also have artwork to produce for Big Bang.  At the time that Big Bang was accepting signups, I wasn't writing at all, and even now the thought of that many words is not necessarily something I would like to do.  So, after showing the moderators the types of art I do, I was accepted to sign up for the artwork aspect.  That means that I illustrate or depict one author's text in at least a single image, multiples are my own choice.  I was assigned someone whose work I am already familiar with and I am so pleased with the pairing.  I have begun to work on preliminary sketches, but I'm trying to figure out what media I want to work in and just got my timeframes and sizes from the moderators.  I'll be working on this during some of my off time during the B&B Show, since I have two days where I have free time available.  So, in my current life, everything revolves around my upcoming trip to Milwaukee. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Esteliel.  For several years now, you have totally rocked my world and I hope you have a fantastic year ahead of you. 
Tags: bead & button show, big bang, birthday, choices, deadlines, designing

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