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Focusing on Wednesday and Tools

 So I am carrying glass pieces to work with me today to finalize exactly what I want to accomplish while I am at Malcom's studio tomorrow. 

If you recall, I managed to find out that he had a glass saw for rent, so I'll be at the studio tomorrow morning and ready to cut the larger centerpiece of glass as well as additional side pieces.  I hope Malcom might have a few minutes to talk also - he is WAY more experienced with glass than I am and I had a few questions that he might be able to answer. 

Hank Adams pouring glass at Wheaton Arts studio

I got my next weekly prompt for my drabble.  Fell Beasts have ended and we are starting a much more benign series based on hairdressing terminology.  So from Balrog to Comb - whew!  Did you hear the air moving, that was the whiplash of my head moving from one polarity to another - LOL. 

And I got my story assignment for the LOTR Big Bang.  I had mentioned this a while ago - I'm not writing for it for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the length of the story required, but I did speak to the moderators, show them my art, and ask if I could be assigned as an artist.  They agreed, and I have now had an author assigned to me for me to create artwork for their story.  I'll be turning this around in my head, and I'll need to double-check their deadlines also so that I'm sure I'll be timely with my format and then I can think hard about what type of artwork I want to produce.  This will be fun!  
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