engarian (engarian) wrote,

Things are Working Again

 Blogspot has been having some "issues" over the past few days and I have been unable to post.  I really prefer to post here first, copying this over to my other two blogs, so I'm grateful that things are working again. 

I had a few people get in touch with me, asking me what was wrong.  But, it wasn't me, it was Blogger that was the issue. 

I have been writing like crazy, and reading lots - head-deep in a series that has me totally pulled in.  But NookColor just expanded their hardware and I also broke down and downloaded the app "Angry Birds" to play on it.  Fun.  But I still tend to dive into a book rather than play games.  I also downloaded an app for a digital drawing program and that will be fun to play with.  All told, the two apps were $5 combined, so I figured I could stretch that far. 

I have to thank everyone for the many birthday wishes I received.  I had a fabulous day and my DH and I will go out on Sunday to celebrate with a nice dinner out and then come home and watch the finale of Survivor for this season.  We made a decision on an electrician for my father-by-marriage, and are doing a final interview with a new accountant next week, so things are progressing well.  I hope your week has gone well and that Blogger has come back to life once again.  
Tags: birthday, nook, writing

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