engarian (engarian) wrote,

Friday on my Mind

 So, it's Friday and that means only two more days of work before my day off on Sunday.  That's one positive thing I can focus on today.

 I finally got a handle on the last story I was trying to work out, so I posted it to my Lizards for their sharp knives.  I did't get a chance to review it as much as normal, so it's probably a bit rougher, but hopefully they will catch whatever is off.  

Blogger has been down for the past two days, so I've had to post here at LJ as my primary.  That's not so difficult, it just requires my jumping through a few more hoops to get things accomplished.  But there are a few friends who only read at the blogspot address, and they are now out of the loop for a while.  I'll continue to post at my blogspot as my primary posting site whenever they get it back up and running.  After all, I just ordered a new batch of personal business cards to the tune of $60+ and I have that addy listed on them.  So I'd probably better keep it up and operational :-)  

Why do I bother posting?  After having posted 6 days a week for more than 700 posts, most of which don't really have anything earthshaking in them, I have no idea. I just like to organize my thoughts for the day, and if anyone gets any benefit from it, it pleases me.  So I'll continue until I get bored and that probably won't happen within the foreseeable future.  
Tags: attitude, livejournal, positive thinking, writing

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