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Thanks for an Amazing Day

 I was never the popular girl in school.  Oh, I had friends - I didn't sit in the corner without anyone else to play with.  But I wasn't one of the top dogs, the ones who always had a cluster around them.  

Over time I understood that my best bet was to choose the people I wanted to befriend - make my own clique in essence.  And in High School, I did just that.  I chose the unusual people - the smart ones, the quiet ones, the ones who had their noses in books, the musicians.  I chose well, because several of those people are still friends of mine to this day, more than 35 years later.  

I feel I have been as fortunate here, on LJ.  I fell into a community because of a few on-line friends of mine - Spiced Wine, Pandemonium, and HeartofOshun as well as others.  I realized that I fell in with the right (and write) group of people when I started posting my writing, and yesterday, when I celebrated my birthday with all of my friends, I was overwhelmed.  

So I thank all of you who shared birthday wishes with me.  I loved each and every picture, poem, good wish, and acknowledgement.  It made my special day have a resonance that will last for many days to come.  Thanks to:  Nelyo-russandol, Elfscribe, Spiced Wine, Ellynn_Ithilwen, Minuial_ninaug, Pandemonium, Shirebound, Esteliel, Silver Trails, Olorime001, Chaotic Binky, Curious Wombat, Clodia, Just_Ann_Now, Alexcat, Indy1776, NiRi and Linda Hoyland.  You are ALL amazing!  
I am so glad you had a good day, Erulisse. I am very pleased you befriended me.

he quiet ones, the ones who had their noses in books

Lol, that is me, not smart or a musician though.

May your year ahead bring you many blessings. (((Hugs)))
You have no idea how important your friendship has been to me over the past year. Thank you so much.

- Erulisse (one L)
How could any wish ever be late? I thank you very much, Jay, and value your wishes because good wishes are always timely.

- Erulisse (one L)
I had a fantastic day, and continue to enjoy the aftereffects of realizing how many people were so kind to me :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I have met the awesomeist folks in this fandom. Hope you had a good bday.
Shame on me, Elf...I thought I had responded directly to you and it appears that I did not. But I thank you so much for your kind wishes on my birthday and I assure you that although my response is late, the celebrations and the good feelings generated by all of the kind wishes were not delayed in the least!

- Erulisse (one L)
Thanks so much, my dear. I hope you had a totally fabulous time on your holiday!

- Erulisse (one L)