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Thanks for an Amazing Day

 I was never the popular girl in school.  Oh, I had friends - I didn't sit in the corner without anyone else to play with.  But I wasn't one of the top dogs, the ones who always had a cluster around them.  

Over time I understood that my best bet was to choose the people I wanted to befriend - make my own clique in essence.  And in High School, I did just that.  I chose the unusual people - the smart ones, the quiet ones, the ones who had their noses in books, the musicians.  I chose well, because several of those people are still friends of mine to this day, more than 35 years later.  

I feel I have been as fortunate here, on LJ.  I fell into a community because of a few on-line friends of mine - Spiced Wine, Pandemonium, and HeartofOshun as well as others.  I realized that I fell in with the right (and write) group of people when I started posting my writing, and yesterday, when I celebrated my birthday with all of my friends, I was overwhelmed.  

So I thank all of you who shared birthday wishes with me.  I loved each and every picture, poem, good wish, and acknowledgement.  It made my special day have a resonance that will last for many days to come.  Thanks to:  Nelyo-russandol, Elfscribe, Spiced Wine, Ellynn_Ithilwen, Minuial_ninaug, Pandemonium, Shirebound, Esteliel, Silver Trails, Olorime001, Chaotic Binky, Curious Wombat, Clodia, Just_Ann_Now, Alexcat, Indy1776, NiRi and Linda Hoyland.  You are ALL amazing!  
Tags: birthday, friends, life's pathways

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