engarian (engarian) wrote,

Happy Birthday to Me

 So, it's my birthday, combined with my day off, combined with my studio day today.  I have one story being beta read by a friend in Arizona, and another that I will post later today. 

My computer is running super slow today, so I'll defrag while I'm off galavanting around town, and the weather should be rainy with possible thunderstorms (oh, joy!). 

We had clouds like this over our western suburbs last night when
we had hail and tornado warnings.  Ah...spring in Minnesota.

But for having spent years walking this earth, I doubt I would change much.  This past year has been wonderfully growth-oriented.  I've started great projects, continued work on my artistic focus, gained many new internet friends, and started writing.  I really can't complain because it's all good. 

As a note of historic significance, on this date in 1659, the Massachusetts Bay Colony Puritans banned Christmas celebrations claiming that they were too Pagan.  Love it - thank goodness we loosened up a bit from those days :-)  Enjoy your day - I know I'll enjoy mine.  
Tags: birthday, life's pathways, studio day, tornado, weather

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