engarian (engarian) wrote,

Stage One Done, Stage Two Beginning

 So, my nose is no longer running like a faucet, more like a slow drip.  But my cough won't leave, so I suppose I get to have a soft cough for a while. 

All I can think about is how much it has improved since the days, long ago, that I was a smoker.  It's literally night and day.  What I have now is a soft, small cough not a body-shaking deep rumble.  I can live with this for a few days while it works its way through my system. 

We finally got the second quotation from an electrician for my Father-by-Marriage's home.  There is a $3000 differential between the two quotations, and we aren't seeing enough in the higher quote to justify the additional $3000, so even though we know additional work will probably have to be done on the lower quote and that it will come in higher than the actual number currently listed.  But either way, the work will be done soon and competently, and we will have one less thing to worry about with my FbM.  At this point, I'll take anything I can get to lower the stress level. 

Thanks to all of you who commiserated with me when I was feeling so horrid yesterday.  I was asleep by 8:30 pm last night and feel much better today.  I'll still dress warmly today, I am a believer in sweating illness out and I get cold too easily when I'm not feeling well.  My on-line friends mean a great deal to me and your wishes helped me a lot.  
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