engarian (engarian) wrote,

Not Doing Well Today

 So, I have a Spring cold.  My sinuses won't stop draining, my head hurts, I have body aches, even my eyes hurt. 

I can't take the day off to sleep because Chickie has doctor appointments scheduled for today so she can't take my shift for me, so I'll just have to work through this.  But I feel really icky.  This started coming down on me on Saturday, and yesterday, Sunday, I didn't go out at all, had a very restless night's sleep, and although I played LOTRO for five hours, I pulled off the network at 5pm our time, meaning that I missed the chance to play with my California friend, Aearwen again - the second weekend in a row. 

I just feel crappy.  So, rather than burden anyone with more details, I'll just sign off for today and hope that tomorrow will be better.  
Tags: cold, lotro

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