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Party Time and Lack of Planning

 So, today is the day of Chickie's party. I'm looking forward to it. I didn't write my eulogy yet, but I can speak on the fly pretty well, and I might have a chance to write some of it on my laptop at the shop. I still need to paint the back of the tombstone, I'll do that at the shop this morning, I'll just put the tombstone into a black large bag so that Chickie won't be able to see anything when I carry it in and out of the store. I think I'll load the easel this morning also - it's the one item that I need a lot of room to load. The storyboard, rose petals, seating chart cards and other items can just go together tonight. She's used to my wearing basic black - I wear black most often at the store on any given day. So my clothing won't be a problem. I'm going to have some fun tonight.

Birthday Cake
Happy Birthday to Chickie!
Celebrating the Big-40 Today!

Yesterday I started work on a bracelet using a new style of bead that one of the Japanese factories introduced this fall. I wanted a jagged look. I was quite obviously brain dead, because after working on it for an hour, I realized that I don't have a jagged look, I have an extra row instead, so that it is three high instead of two high, and basically, I did it completely wrong. So, I can either continue with the incorrect weave for my bracelet, or I can rip it apart and start working on doing it properly. I tend to think I'll rip it apart. That should be a lesson to me to not start a new project that I actually have to think about when I am exhausted. I'll have better luck with this on Sunday, after I tear the incorrect version apart and begin again. I'll waste thread, but that's not the end of the world.
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