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Saturday on My Mind

 Well, so here we are at the end of another week. I have a full work day today, Italian food for dinner, and then a trip to Target for grocery shopping. I'm really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning, I'm just exhausted.  

I'm looking at the glass on my desk and trying to decide exactly what I want for my next step. I have Malcom's glass saw reserved for 11:00 am on the 19th for an hour, and I want to make sure that I not only have the larger piece ready to cut out, but also any other smaller ones. It is much faster to cut glass with the ring saw, and there is every possibility that I will be able to cut several pieces. I have two larger slabs of glass that I want to have shaped smaller. On Wednesday the 11th, aside from celebrating my birthday (which I found out I share with Malcom - how cool is that!), I want to fine-tune the shapes that I ground out this past Wednesday, and if I decide to put any platinum overlays on top of the glass, this will be the time to do it. So I'll look at my glass for a while because I don't want mistakes - every step has to be deliberate. I'm not keeping this piece - it will be up for a charity auction in 2012 - but I will be putting work into it and I will be looking at it for a few months and photographing it later this summer. I'm fighting time deadlines here, and I can't afford mistakes.

 Here's hoping that you have a weekend of joy and, if you are able to spend it with your Mother, or with your children, have a very happy Mother's day. 
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Thanks, hun. It will happen. I am always wiped out by Saturday, but sleeping in on Sunday mornings can make up for a lot.

- Erulisse (one L)