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My Hero

 Malcom Potek is my hero.  He didn't rescue me from a burning building, and he didn't save my financial ass by pulling my assets from a crooked money manager; he offered me the use of a piece of equipment that I needed at a reasonable price and with a schedule that works with mine. 

This fused glass piece is by Charlotte Behrens and is called
Amber Dreams.  I looked for work by Malcom, but couldn't
find any good pics of his pieces. 

Malcom is a glass worker.  I grew to know him many years ago - at least 20 years ago, when his mother brought some exquisite black ash baskets in to my store for me to look at and possibly purchase.  I have one of them next to my fireplace to this day - they were really stunning.  I really enjoyed getting to know Nancy over the years, and when I met Malcom, we hit it off.  He creates wonderful fused glasswork and has a studio in Minneapolis where he teaches lampworking classes and rents hot torch and cold forming time.  When I have customers interested in learning how to work with glass, I always refer them to him because he knows what he's doing.  He's talented, and he's been making his living with his glasswork for many years now. 

The Taurus ring saw could make my wish list, if I could
find a used one at a reasonable price. 

I needed access to a ring saw.  A ring saw cuts glass, and I have some larger and some additional shapes that need to be cut from the glass I fused last week.  I spent most of my Wednesday cutting four smaller pieces by hand, and I didn't want to even think about trying to do that for the larger and more complex pieces.  I've used a ring saw before and I knew it could do what I wanted with a minimum of fuss and time.  The problem is, they cost $350 and that's WAY more money than I have or can spend.  So I Emailed Malcom to find out if he had one for rent and he does; $25 for an hour of cold studio time.  I'm deliriously happy.  I'll bring my glass there in two weeks and cut out all of the shapes that I need, then I can take them back home to flash fire them.  I need to work this project carefully, mistakes can't be redone so each step needs to be carefully thought out before I begin the beading.  The beadwork, at least, will be easier :-)  
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