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Cutting Glass and Editing

 It's my Studio Day today, and I'm so pleased. 

I brought home my larger jewelers saw frame last night, the one that I keep at my home bench is too narrow for the glass that I want to cut.  I'll cut and shape the glass that I fused last week today, and then I can begin putting all of this together.  I am still working out the center element in my head, but I can at least get going on Step 2 of my BFAC 2012 project today, and I'll get to play with my glass grinder - fun, fun, fun. 

This isn't even close to what I'm working on in glass
right now...but isn't it just gorgeous? 
I also have a story by my German friend to edit, three stories of my own to work on, and I want to play with digital painting and I really need to get some house cleaning done, and the usual laundry, and the NookColor has a program update that will make it more of a tablet computer that I want to get loaded, and...and...  Well, it's a certainty that the grass, such as there is, won't be growing underneath my non-moving feet today because my list of things to do is a mile long, but my actual roadway is closer to 500 feet in length.  In other words, I have too much to do for the time I have available to do it in.  Happy Wednesday!  
Happy Wednesday to you!

It sounds like you're enjoying a wonderfully creative time of your life.
Cutting glass is slow, at least when you are sawing it. I may break down and just use my glass cutter, crossing my fingers that it will break where I tell it to. Then I can grind the shape, and that's much faster.

- Erulisse (one L)
Oooh, yes, the glass in the picture is gorgeous! Although you may be working at a smaller scale, I have no doubt your work will be quite lovely.

I really like your new web layout! The colors and the banner are very nice.
Well, I don't do stained glass, although my mother did some. But what I'm doing, with glass fusing, shaping, and beading will also be quite visual by the time I'm done. I'm working a tight time schedule though, it must be photographed and in the mail by the end of August, and I have two other major projects with similar deadlines, all of which will take some serious time. So I'm trying to see what will accomplish my goals with a minimum of time expenditure :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh, and thanks for the comments on my new layout. I saw this in the premium choices and it was so close to what I had wanted to do for myself that I just had to grab it.

- Erulisse (one L)
That truly is a gorgeous piece - and I'm sure what you're working on will also be gorgeous in its own way!
Thanks, Surgical. My fused glass from last week turned out great. Now to get four ovals and a crescent moon out of the 4x4 sheet. Then I can flash fire them and get them embellished and assembled into something magnificant a ways down the road :-) As long as I don't crack glass today, all will be well. If I do, it will set me back both in time and money.

- Erulisse (one L)
Thanks so much. I took a quick break from my glass saw to give my hands a break and catch up on my Email. It's a pleasure to hear from you, as always :-)

- Erulisse (one L)