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Cutting Glass and Editing

 It's my Studio Day today, and I'm so pleased. 

I brought home my larger jewelers saw frame last night, the one that I keep at my home bench is too narrow for the glass that I want to cut.  I'll cut and shape the glass that I fused last week today, and then I can begin putting all of this together.  I am still working out the center element in my head, but I can at least get going on Step 2 of my BFAC 2012 project today, and I'll get to play with my glass grinder - fun, fun, fun. 

This isn't even close to what I'm working on in glass
right now...but isn't it just gorgeous? 
I also have a story by my German friend to edit, three stories of my own to work on, and I want to play with digital painting and I really need to get some house cleaning done, and the usual laundry, and the NookColor has a program update that will make it more of a tablet computer that I want to get loaded, and...and...  Well, it's a certainty that the grass, such as there is, won't be growing underneath my non-moving feet today because my list of things to do is a mile long, but my actual roadway is closer to 500 feet in length.  In other words, I have too much to do for the time I have available to do it in.  Happy Wednesday!  
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