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Full Day, Full Month

 I'm so grateful that a new month has started, because story prompts come heavily at the beginning of the months and I now have several prompts to work with.  Call me happy. 

One story got pounded out last night, another is being researched, and two others are waiting in the wings to be allowed into the light of day.  Call me happy. 

DH meets with the second electrician today to get a second quotation for rewiring his Dad's house.  It will be a 4-digit repair, but we would like it towards the lower point, although I have a sinking feeling it will be towards the upper point.  There has never been any rewiring or updating of the wiring of that house since it was built, and the house has been around for quite a while.  To bring it up to code is going to cost and I'm just hoping we will not have to try and fill in the financial gap.  We don't really have the money and it would cause us a hardship, but it has to be done. 

At least today's weather will be better than yesterday's.  I couldn't believe that I woke up to snow yesterday.  It wasn't sticking to the ground, but it was coming down as snow, not rain.  But today is supposed to be warmer, so I'll be much happier.  Have an excellent Tuesday!  
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Well, yes and no. It doesn't stay on the ground, but if the air temp is cold enough, the rain will come down as snow. It's basically just frozen rain, but it's depressing after more than five months of the stuff. We're in spring, today will be in the upper 50's and tomorrow will be in the 60's (10-15.5 Celsius today and around 18 tomorrow). So things are improving :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
You're getting snow and we're getting 90 degrees with 12 percent humidity! I wish we could loan one another a bit of weather.

Gorgeous sunset there.
It does seem quite unfair, doesn't it? Fortunately today will be much better with temps in the 60's.

- Erulisse (one L)