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 So, as I was going to sleep last night, President Obama was going to come on and speak to the public about the death of Osama Bin Laden. People are cheering in the streets, the news channels seem to have nothing else to discuss, and apparently the entire world has focused on just this, nothing else, for years.

I fully admit that I also am grateful that this terrorist is no longer an active threat. But I find it hard to wish for the death of anyone. I suppose that's what makes the difference between Bin Laden and me - he wanted to kill as many as possible, I want to kill none.

 We had an amber alert last night for a small 7-year-old little girl who was abducted from a coin laundry and had been seen walking away with a man approximately 50 years of age. Fortunately, this one had good results. The young girl was found 90 minutes later, unharmed, but many miles away from where she was abducted.

 So we start Monday out evenly - one person lost his life, one person didn't, a grown man was slain and a child was saved. I don't regret either part of this Monday. Have a safe and creative day. 
I am glad the little girl was found safe.

I am relieved, rather than celebrating, that Bin Laden is dead. I would like to think that this might be a turning point in the war. I doubt it; however, the Taliban will have been dealt a severe blow.

The war will go on. The nasty thing about Evil is that there is always someone else to don the mantle. Kill Morgoth and Sauron steps up. Kill Sauron and the Ice King steps up. etc., etc. Evil cannot be eradicated, only suppressed. And all we can do is to act within the good to the best of our ability so that by our actions, evil might be balanced, and perhaps someday offset by good. Those are the rare times, and the blessed times.

- Erulisse (one L)
My experience with terrorism, and we had it in our country for ten years, is that you only defeat them when you solve the problems. You have to capture them, sometimes they are killed in battle, but there are always other reasons for terrorism, and those reasons have to be dealt with.
I agree that the reasons need to be unearthed and dealt with. However, when those reasons are ideological and religious, dealing with them is far more difficult. To deal with intransigence of this nature relies upon changing ideology, not mere beliefs, and I'm not so sure that is possible or even advisable. After all, who can say that their personal religious beliefs are better than anyone else's? That's a treacherous slope.

However, in today's world, this is one terrorist cell whose leader has been eliminated and, perhaps, for a short time, the world will be a safer place as a result.

- Erulisse (one L)
There is more than religion under the attacks, I think. I believe it's related to USA's policy in the world, but let's leave it here. It's not advisable to discuss politics when you are from different countries.

I don't think so, unless the next leader is less radical, which we don't know yet.
The fact that we, as residents of different nations in this world, can discuss across electronic borders issues of moment fraught with the possibilities of misunderstanding, etc., allows me to have hope that communication can establish bridges between peoples. And one span can become many over time and gather strength and stability with repeated use and shoring.

So I remain an optimist, that peoples with different politics can, nonetheless, find common ground on which to walk with others of different views.

- Erulisse (one L)
It's the possibility of misunderstanding that worries me, as we cannot see each other face to face. Actually, I don't discuss politics or religion with anyone but a few friends, not even in my country. Those are touchy subjects, especially when you have met a person recently.

I agree about that. I just think it's a touchy subject to say that your country (or mine) have made this mistake and that mistake, unless we know each other well.

This said, I'm glad he is no longer a menace to USA and the rest of the world.
That's why forums like fanfic are such a blessing. We can discuss things that have common ground and find similarities. And somehow when there are similarities, the differences between people diminish.

But I admit that I am a perennial optimist and try to always see the beauty in things, even in Arda Marred.

- Erulisse (one L)
I suspect that I would find Arda Unmarred quite boring, and I know that your storylines wouldn't fit into Arda Unmarred at all - LOL.

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh, it's so nice to see a reasonable response to this! When I woke this morning my flist was flooded by posts from otherwise reasonable people who suddenly demanded that Bin Laden's head be cut off and mounted on a pike in Washington. Seriously, it's not as if I'm sad that he's dead - only 5 days ago our police arrested 3 Al Qaida members here who were preparing an attack with explosives. Still, two wrongs don't make one right, and I don't think his death will change anything, unfortunately. :/
I have been a warrior for peace throughout my life and don't think that I want to change my ideology at this late date. Murder is murder, kinslaying is kinslaying, and even though it may be more justified that others, it doesn't change the act, only the motivation. Placement of the head above the bridge on a pike didn't work very well in the Middle Ages and won't do a lot now.

I thank you for calling my small voice a voice of reason, for I fear we sorely need a few of those voices in these times of turmoil.

- Erulisse (one L)
I agree, with both of you. However, now he's a martyr, and his organization is still alive. What with one of Gaddafi's sons having been killed, I am not sure the world is a lot safer. :\

No, not safer. The dance macabre continues, only the partners have changed. Nonetheless, the music keeps playing and the instruments of holy and unholy musicians continues to tempt more to the dance. We have no choice but to choose our partners carefully and enter the pattern.

- Erulisse (one L)
The dance macabre continues, only the partners have changed.

That is indeed true. One reason I spend so much time writing and reading is that the real world saddens me. :\