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Monday Monday

 So, as I was going to sleep last night, President Obama was going to come on and speak to the public about the death of Osama Bin Laden. People are cheering in the streets, the news channels seem to have nothing else to discuss, and apparently the entire world has focused on just this, nothing else, for years.

I fully admit that I also am grateful that this terrorist is no longer an active threat. But I find it hard to wish for the death of anyone. I suppose that's what makes the difference between Bin Laden and me - he wanted to kill as many as possible, I want to kill none.

 We had an amber alert last night for a small 7-year-old little girl who was abducted from a coin laundry and had been seen walking away with a man approximately 50 years of age. Fortunately, this one had good results. The young girl was found 90 minutes later, unharmed, but many miles away from where she was abducted.

 So we start Monday out evenly - one person lost his life, one person didn't, a grown man was slain and a child was saved. I don't regret either part of this Monday. Have a safe and creative day. 
Tags: choices, positive thinking

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