engarian (engarian) wrote,

Two Days and Counting

 The last thing that I am working on is the tombstone for Chickie's chair. I needed to add a backing to it so that it would have more stability, and we will have to pin the ribbons to the elastic bands once we are there. The chair will be a bit "futzy", but everything else is organized and ready to go, and I think things will work smoothly. I wanted to write my eulogy, but I may have to wing it. I can do that, I'm actually a good public speaker and good at thinking on my feet. However, if I get a chance, I'll try and at least write some notes down tonight.

Delivering a eulogy - hope mine will be as funny!

I have received cards from almost everyone who said they would send one. Got Sharon's yesterday, Pam's last week. I still don't have one from Quill, but I can't do anything else to get it and it might come today. I still have one person who needs to pay me - I'll hit her up that night. Everyone else paid timely and I think we're as set to go as possible. I just need to get everything together into a single package with the storyboard, fabrics and easel, and we'll be ready to rock. I'll be happy to have this party over and done with, I have other things that I need to concentrate on now.
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