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Step One Complete and a Wedding

 Step one of my BFAC is now complete (there will be a lot of steps, so don't think that I'm that far ahead of anyone - LOL). But the glasswork that I wanted to make for the piece turned out very well. Now I have some decisions to make - size and whether or not I'll do any embellishment. I have a bit of time to spread my beads out again and make sure I have everything that I want to use available. 

Happy Wedding, Kate and William

We're getting close to the arrival of Kate Middleton to Westminster Abbey, the Queen is in her car coming to the Abbey just now, so things are well under way. The Royal Brothers are spiffy in red and blue, and the Queen is in yellow. Carol Middleton was in a lovely lilac and I really enjoyed her hat. The hats at this wedding are over the top. I really hope that someone does a fashion spread of the hats, there are so many marvelous ones. Camilla is very conservatively dressed - that's appropriate. And Prince Philip is in red, just as Prince William is. Apparently that's the dress of the Irish Guards. All I know is a lot of cochineal beetles gave up their lives for that red - LOL. The Queen has arrived and the bells are peeling.  Party on, London and ye Brits.  Enjoy your day.  Well, I'm going to watch this wedding and enjoy it. I think that they are a great couple and I wish them all the best in what is bound to be a very public married life. 
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I expect they'll have a magazine out of the wedding, apart from what's in the society mags.

Kate looks stunning, I think. Also the main bridesmaid. (her sister?) Nice to see two young princes in their regimentals too; very smart.

There's a lot of money in Westminster Abbey today! d;-)
Kate does look stunning. The dress is very smart and classic in its' styling. I think the whole thing was well thought out. The trees in Westminster are marvelous. She looks quite comfortable sitting and listening to people. That's good, because she'll be doing a lot of that over the next 50 years or so :-)

Her sister Pippa was her bridesmaid, and I loved how she walked down the aisle holding the hands of the two smallest bridesmaids. So cute!

Ooof, the money in Westminster today is rather frightening. And any thief worth their salt will know who is there and whose houses are vacant (except for possible servants). That's just me - suspicious to the end :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I was a bit stunned by all the armed police. I'm sure it was not like that when Charles and Di wed. (Not so obvious anyway.)
Times change :\

Ooof, the money in Westminster today is rather frightening. And any thief worth their salt will know who is there

Any-one who's any-one, lol. All the haute monde!
We live in a world of evil, and the armed police, etc, are a necessary reaction to these uncertain and frightening times. It is a shame that we have to think about the bad more than the good. Morgoth still walks this world.

- Erulisse (one L)
who is delighted that Katherine wore her hair loose - it is so much nicer and more attractive than most of the upswept hairstyles that tend to be worn by brides these days.
There are some glorious hats aren't there? And what a beautiful wedding dress. The bridesmaids looked lovely too - and I loved the way Kate's sister held the two tiny ones by the hand.

And both the bride and groom look really happy - which is as it should be!
I am truly loving the hats. I adore hats and my DH hates to see me wearing them. Some of them were a bit over the top - the ones that Fergie's daughters were wearing by Philip Tracy were a bit much, but most of them were quite wondrous.

The dress is outstanding. Fitted, not a bunch of puffy bouffant junk. Very nice.

- Erulisse (one L)
and isn't happiness the goal? So we'll all be happy also, because they are.
The BBC is disappointing me by not giving lots of clear shots of that wedding dress. I daresay we'll get clearer ones by and by. Hopefully of some of the other dresses too (what else are these occasions for, after all).
The dresses are marvelous. I'm sure there will be publications and on-line views of all of it. But I really love her dress. Go Kate!

- Erulisse (one L)