engarian (engarian) wrote,

Playing With Fire

So today I'm back to work, my rose is sitting next to me brightening up my day, two electricians were found to make quotations on rewiring my father-by-marriage's home, two new CPA's have been found to phone and switch my business to one of them, and my kiln is still clicking as it goes through a VERY long cycle to fuse the first 4x4 square I'm making for my BFAC pieces. 

It's rather like cooking a souffle - you can't open the oven to check the progress or everything falls apart.  I don't have a peephole or window in my kiln (I've been wanting one, but $ isn't there).  So it's an unknown until I open the door.  Either I will have a nicely fused 4x4 square of 3-layer glass, or I will have a serious puddle on the floor of my kiln which won't make me happy at all.  I still have one more piece to fuse before I can start the next stage.  I'm crossing my fingers that my fusing program had accurate times and temps for the complicated program that I input. 

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Work I Go

I'm caught up on writing challenges, so I can either spend my mornings working on art or beadwork, or I can continue working more chapters of my Original Female Character.  She's been very well received by my fellow writers and is turning into a very popular character.  I have a good book that I'm in the process of reading all - that's probably where my efforts will go today.  I'm too tired to expend a great deal of energy.  24 Hours and Counting until the Royal Wedding.   
Tags: beading for a cure, glass, kiln, wedding, writing

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