Tolkien, artist

Busy Studio Day

Today I get to go glass shopping. I have an idea for my Beading For a Cure kit, and to do it I need to play with glass. "So" disappointing (just ignore this big grin on my face).

So I need glass, I also need to drop by Barnes & Noble, and my box people. I should be able to get some experiments done today because glasswork is not as time consuming as my metalwork can be.

 Yesterday, my DH was awakened by my father-by-marriage phoning him shortly after 7am. He complained that his power had gone out shortly after 4am. So, I got to phone the utility company and report the outage. They came over and checked, and it was actually in the wiring going into the fuse box, so then I had to call an electrician to come over and get that fixed. Well, code won't allow them to do anything but a temporary fix because the electrical system needs to be upgraded and brought up to code. So next week the electrician will go over the house with DH and his father to give them an estimate about bringing the wiring up to code. Anyway, when I arrived home last night, there was a stunning red rose in front of my place at dinner with a note thanking me for my help. Sometimes my DH comes through in spades!

I have two stories in for crit right now, and I'm actually happy with both of them. So those will be posting onto ErulisseDances soon, if you are subbed to that board. Look for them by the end of the week.  
Dichro glass is a lot of fun. I'll be starting to fire some up in my kiln in an hour or so, and the firing schedule looks like it will take more than 12 hours for my little 4x4 piece.

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh - what beautiful colours in that top picture. Such a lovely rose too; and even better because he thought to get it for you!
Well, that was yesterday. Today, it seems, he is in a cranky mood, so who knows what he'll be like when he gets home. It's hard to be married to a Capricorn.

- Erulisse (one L)