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Titian and the Royal Wedding

 So the news reports are increasing in scope.  The Royal Wedding is hitting the daily news reports with the same intensity as the revolutions in Lybia and Syria and the war in Afghanistan.  Why? 

I fully realize that Kate may be Queen of England one day, but that is a figurehead position anyway.  It doesn't carry any true political clout, the power of the monarchy was eliminated by statute long ago.  She is cute, personable, and will no doubt be a refreshing change in the palace, but she's down the line a ways, isn't she?  Wouldn't long-suffering and generally unpopular Prince Charles move into the throne if Elizabeth dies?  Charles and Camilla would then become the King and Royal Consort?  I could be totally mistaken...I'm not a native British person and the royals have always seemed a little bit silly to me.  Fun, but silly.  But I'll be watching, like many others over here in the US, because it is a wedding and weddings are always fun to watch.  And I wish them all the luck in their lives and happiness with each other and any children that they may have. 

Titian - Venus Rising from the Sea

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts has had an exhibit on Titian and other Renaissance Masters.  It ends on Sunday, and we had wanted to see it, so I quickly purchased tickets for Sunday this morning and we'll go and see it.  Then we get to find time to go see the King Tut exhibit at the Science Museum inbetween summer conferences and Renaissance Festival.  I'll just make sure we get to that too, since we both want to see it.  So at least I have something fun to look forward to on Sunday, I always enjoy going to the Institute.  
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It's true that the monarchy now, does not have any true political power, but behind the scenes the Queen has apparently often called Prime Ministers to the palace to discuss certain political issues with them, and there's a pretty well-founded rumor that at times, they do listen. The Queen has seen I don't know how many PM's, but she is apparently politically very savvy, so her influence might be more than many people think. I can't remember where I was reading about this lately, but it was interesting.

As for Charles. I feel it would be better if he abdicated in favor of his son. (If the Queen died or stepped down due to health issues, etc.) He's not that popular and William is; he always has been (largely due to Diana, and William has made it clear that he loved his mother and still does, which is why I think he would make a good husband. Men who admire and love their mothers generally do.) it would be better for the Royals if he was the next king, but since the Queen Mother lived to a really ripe old age, I am not sure the Queen will be stepping down yet. She comes of a long-lived line on her mother's side, and naturally, has access to the best health care.

I think the wedding is especially popular now, since it's been a time of recession, two bad winters, and a Royal Wedding in the spring makes for a good celebration.
As I said, I'll watch the horse guards and the pageantry as I enjoy it. I think Westminster is a wonderful place which I would like to visit, but the wedding itself is just an excuse to fly the flags and have a bit of a party, in my view. (To me the monarchy got a bit boring after Elizabeth I, lol!)

I think also people like the romance of a well-suited young couple, which Charles and Diana were not, (by any stretch of the imagination; Charles was still seeing Camilla.) although Kate takes a lawyer with her everywhere to advise her, never puts a foot wrong, will have been vetted, and will have no skeletons in her closet, unless they're mice-sized. Diana was vetted too.

It's a shame Charles could not have married Camilla, as those two were also in love, but she was not a fresh-faced virgin to bring new blood and children into the House of Windsor, but a married woman. (Horror!) I think she's okay, myself.
It's not a marriage I would enter without misgivings, even if I were in love, and I do think they are, but their life will be under the glare of the media always, and that would be a nightmare to me!

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I adored the Queen Mum, and Westminster is a fantastic place to visit. I went all over there, the thing that really got to me was the grave stones in the floor for the deaths in the Great Plague of the 1300's! For those of us in the US, where as short a time as 200 years is considered old, that just floored me.
As an archaeologist, I'm used to long time spans and old ruins. But this was historic, not pre-historic, and that's why I was amazed.

They are starting wedding coverage here at 2 am. I'm not waking up before my usual 3:30 am for anyone, not even the queen and a cute little thing like Kate. I really wish them all the best. I think that William could be an excellent King, and I think that Queen Elizabeth is starting to slow down a bit. When she feels that the monarchy will be in good hands, I feel fairly sure that she will pull whatever strings she needs to and make sure that William gets the crown.

I love the pageantry of royalty, and that should be in full view for the wedding. It'll be fun.

Have an excellent day! (actually afternoon, since your morning is almost complete)

- Erulisse (one L)
Westminster is a fantastic place to visit.

Yes, I must go there one day, although I also love less famous but just as beautiful places like Wells and Salisbury.

the thing that really got to me was the grave stones in the floor for the deaths in the Great Plague of the 1300's!

There are grave pits all over London, it's said. A bend in one of the Underground lines is there to avoid a plague-pit. (Can't remember which line now.) The 1300's Black Death was horrific in its death toll all over the world.
I'd kind of like to look around certain parts of London, but at my leisure and with some-one who knew it well. I have only been there three times, and just found it overwhelming.

Lol, I would not get up at that time to see the wedding XD, though I suppose some people will. O_o.
I was quite fortunate. I went to London twice, and made friends with a wonderful walking tour guide who, on my second trip over, took my BFF and I all over the city both behind the scenes and to some wonderful out of the way places.

I also rented a car that trip and drove all over the countryside. That's when I visited Avebury, and Stonehenge, Cornwall, Canterbury and Leeds, and many, many more amazing places. After the first 24 hours, I even got fairly good at driving on the opposite side of the road, and had no problem with round-abouts.

I would love to go back. I almost married the guide, (he asked me - another large story tied up in that). My life would have been far different.

But I loved being in England. DH wants to go to Italy and Spain, so I hope I will get to Europe again one of these days. I want to see the Vatican and Florence, and Barcelona and Madrid. Then I would love to see my mother's Vienna.

Who knows? It all costs $ and that's a bit tight, so it may just be a dream. But it's good to dream, right?

- Erulisse (one L)
I almost married the guide, (he asked me - another large story tied up in that). My life would have been far different.

I would love to hear about that.

I would like to go to Italy too, and Spain, to see my brother. Yes, of course we must dream!
Perhaps, someday.

I learned a long time ago that there are no reversals on the path. Once your foot has been placed on it, you are committed and cannot turn around and change your mind. So the past is past.

- Erulisse (one L)
Prince Charles will, indeed, become king on his mother's death. I really don't think she is likely to abdicate - there is no tradition of it in the British monarchy apart from her uncle - and she would never see him as a role model in anything, I think.

Although, as she was so young when Charles was born, he will probably not live to be in the role for all that long, after he's spent his whole life working towards it!

I really can't see any good reason why he would be expected to not become king unless his mother outlives him - and so William should have at least some time to lead a life before he ends up being king.

I shall watch the run up to the wedding to people spot - you know 'Ooh - look, there's Stephen Fry... Gosh I'm not impressed with Kate's sister's hat...' and so on! Then garden, weather permitting rather than sit glued to the TV for the rest of the day.
I actually like Charles in many ways. He is not a great communicator, but he has gotten better over the years, and he is very environmentally conscious and I appreciate that. I don't think he would make a bad king at all, just not one of those who will go down in history as a great monarch.

It would be lovely if William and Kate could actually concentrate on their own relationship without having to take up the throne too quickly. In either case, though, I would not like living my own life under the magnifying glass that Kate will be agreeing to do. She's a very brave lady, and must be very much in love to agree to this.

- Erulisse (one L)
I don't envy Kate. Not one tiny bit. Golden it might be, but it is still a cage. I could never ever give up my freedom, my job, my private life, going out with my friends, having fun, etc. etc.

Enjoy the museums! :)
The Royal Wedding is hitting the daily news reports with the same intensity as the revolutions in Lybia and Syria and the war in Afghanistan. Why?

I wonder that too and I am British. Seriously, I cannot get excited about the wedding at all and do not understand those who can.

I sound like an old curmudgeon, don't I? lol

Hugs Binky x