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Optimistic for the Week

 I'm optomistic for the week to come, at least I will be until I take a look at last week's sales number - they weren't so great. But, we're hanging in there and that's all I can ask for. And I'm still on track for the various commitments that I've made.

 I received my kit for the 2012 Beading for a Cure last week, and have been thinking about what I want to make since then. I've almost made up my mind, but I need to do a test piece or two first, so I'll have to try and get come items cut and try some experiments this week so that I can see whether my initial thoughts will work or not.

 I had a lovely Easter Sunday. My sister-by-marriage invited all of her kids and their kids and her father and us over for an Easter brunch. We were instructed to not bring anything, so we didn't, but there was lots of excellent food from all of the kids and she had a large ham. There was bacon, an incredible egg bake, french toast, fruit, carmel rolls, it was really awesome. And the kids were fun too, in spite of the fact that kids are not always my friends. The oldest, Emma, is six, Lexi is five, then there is Ian and Flynn, both around 2 and the two babies, Izzy and Delaney. Delaney is our newest grand-neice and is cute as a button. It was lovely to see the nieces and nephews and their spouses again, I had a really nice time. Two hours later we were back home and playing LOTRO with my friend from California for a few hours, and then we topped the night by watching "Jesus Christ Superstar". A perfect day. I hope you have a great day today, and think of some creative project for your week to come. 
I am gad you had a lovely Easter Sunday.

This is a short week for people working here, as today is a Bank Holiday, and Friday is the Royal Wedding and is an extra holiday too, though I am not sure how many will take it.
I hear that many people took the Easter holiday and all of this week off because of the extended days off and the Wedding. Seemed like a good idea to me :-) I'll be thinking of you and my other British friends when I watch the wedding on Friday. I'm up at that time of the day anyway, so I may as well watch :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I will watch *bits* -- the parade, because I like the pageantry and the horse-guards, not so much the wedding. I'll just wander in and out of the room between writing or reading and see glimpses, I expect. I never saw Charles and Di's or Andrew and Fergie's, I was on holiday for the first, and working on the last.
I didn't see Andrew and Fergie's wedding, but I woke up early to see Charles and Diana's. It was quite spectacular. I can't wait to see Kate's dress. She's such a gorgeous girl, I'm sure it will be fabulous. But I don't think I would have awakened specifically for the wedding this time, I'm just already up at that time of day now usually.

- Erulisse (one L)
Fergie had the most beautiful dress of all of the royal weddings in the past 50 years or more, I think. Although Anne's first one was rather lovely too.

I saw Diana's in real life and it was as bad as it looked on TV.
The Easter brunch sounds great as does the company!

in spite of the fact that kids are not always my friends.

Heh. I know what you mean, and I say that as a mohter, which does not guarantee that I automatically like other people's kids. That said, we met our neighbors behind us yesterday. I really like them. Young couple with three kids: two sons and a baby girl. And that baby! OMG! She was so sweet and cheerful! But I will say it's nice to admire them from a distance. ;^)