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Scheduling and Time Frames

 So I received my kit for the 2012 Beading For a Cure yesterday (to view the current 2011 auctions, follow the link).  This annual charity that I participate in has a variety of beads in the kit.  Each bead must be used at least one time in the project. 

I've got an idea in my head for what I want to make, but I need to draw it out and spend a bit of time working it out.  My problem, as always, will be time, or rather the lack thereof. 

I want to continue writing, and since most of what I write is short that's probably not going to be a major problem.  But I also edit for two friends, and that cuts into my time also.  It's worth it, but it's time. 

I committed to produce artwork for at least one story in the Tolkien Big Bang.  I knew I would have the BFAC commitment also - I have done this challenge for years.  But I still need to fold everything into the 2 hours or so that I have in my nights and maybe an hour in the early mornings. 

And I have charms to make for the Metal Clay World conference, enamel work to finish, other beadwork projects sitting on my desk (currently there are four in process) and...and...and.  I need to design something for BFAC that will not be a time hog but will look excellent and meet the criteria of the challenge.  The designs are already shifting in my head, just by writing this down.  It'll come clear...
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Burning the candle at both ends! This is definitely you! Hugs and good luck with everything.

What is the Tolkien Big Bang? I hear about 'Big Bang' in different fandoms, but I have no idea what it is.
This is, to the best of my knowledge which is sparse, the first time they are doing a Big Bang for the Tolkien fandom. The author signup was in February and they just opened the artist signup. They have an LJ account here

At the time, I wasn't doing any writing, and I still wouldn't be able to do that large word count, so I'm pleased to sign up for art. I think that will be a fun challenge for me.

- Erulisse (one L)
Stories should be rated between G to PG-13.

LOL! *Rolls on floor* Not for me.

Oh, it's genfic. I need my slash! Even if it wasn't, I have two long WIP's that I am too involved in to take on something else.

Trust me, I need your slash also. But I'm not comfortable writing it, at least not at this time. This is something that I'll have fun illustrating and I read all types of fic - from G to X and everywhere in between. If it is well written and I like the characters, I'll read it. My only requirement is that it is in Tolkien's sandbox.

- Erulisse (one L)
I read all types of fic - from G to X and everywhere in between

I used to read some less mature ratings at first, but I've always been drawn to more adult published novels, so it was not long before I found I only got that in M-NC17. It's not so much the *not* writing sex. I have a review on Dark Prince from some-one who said they didn't usually read stories without a lot of sex. It tickled me pink. But actually most of Dark Prince is genfic. Adult genfic thought.
The percentage of sex scenes is really small. It's more that I cannot and will not censor myself, and my imagination leads me into subject matter that is considered *adult* content, even if it is not explicit. That's so normal to me, that I couldn't be paid to write otherwise.

Hope you'll have fun with the art, though. :)
Oh, I will. And my imagination goes along with yours, I don't put barriers on it that it will only go in a "family" friendly way. But so far, when I write, my muse has not been pointing my keyboard in that direction. I agree that DP is not high on sexual scenes, but it also doesn't hide them. It celebrates the fact that we are all sexual beings, and isn't that the mindset that all of us should have anyway?

I will have fun illustrating or making artwork for BB though. I always have fun creating artwork of any kind, and they gave me permission to make non-traditional artwork. So I'm happy.

- Erulisse (one L)
It celebrates the fact that we are all sexual beings, and isn't that the mindset that all of us should have anyway?

In my mind, definitely! :)
I would say that I like to write about people, and that they are flagrantly sexual and very passionate characters, so sex is important to them, and also normal. I can't imagine writing them as PG13 people, (that just made me giggle.) and when I look for stories, I likewise look for stories about passionate characters (in general written by passionate writers, which shows.) that leads me into the Mature ratings.

they gave me permission to make non-traditional artwork

What have you in mind? or is it a surprise? :)
It really will depend on the story that I get assigned. I'd like to do some metal and enamel work, but I might break out the silk paints or just deal with pen and watercolor. I would love to do digital art, but I'm not anywhere close to being able to actually do that well yet. And my beadwork projects are backed up, so it won't be a beaded item. I won't know until I get a chance to read the story.

- Erulisse (one L)
LOL, that was my reaction too when it was announced - I love Big Bangs in other fandoms as they produce such excellent reading material, and had always hoped that one day there'd be a Tolkien Big Bang. And then they had to go and make it exclusively gen - Glorfindel is open to a LOT of things, but gen is not one of them. *g*

Glorfindel is open to a LOT of things, but gen is not one of them.

LOL. That is so true. Your Glorfindel is far too much of sexual being to be confined to Gen. He even oozes sex eating breakfast. off Legolas.. d;-)
I got into Tolkien fanfic through both gen and slash, and I adore it no matter what. Glorfindel is HOT, and whether he is licking his way up Legolas or Erestor or some unknown female, he is HOT. I'm easy - LOL

- Erulisse (one L)
One of the benefits of walking for me - aside from exercise - is that it's time to sort of let character/story ideas talk to me, work out dialogue, that sort of thing. So - yeah, pondering things a bit, mulling over, drawing it out, whatever - it helps make things clearer.
That's me, too. And as a community nurse I also have 'drive time' during which I play-out dialogue in my head. The trouble these days is, now in my mid fifties, that I don't always remember it... But I tell myself that the best stuff sticks!
I don't walk, but I pack product. After you've straightened 5000 headpins, you understand how you can just stand there with two pairs of pliers and think about how a story might work. But I compose at the keyboard. First at the shop because it gives me a limited timeframe to work and a computer that I can't store anything on. After I've printed out what I've done, then I work at home, revising it as I retype it, and reanalyzing the plot, characters, situations, etc. That can go through many more revisions before I'm ready to put it out for the LC to look at. Drabbles are quick, stories are less so. (B2ME was the exception - I tried for a fast turnaround on those stories.)

- Erulisse (one L)
My first job as a surgeon, I had a forty minute commute and I definitely used that time to play out dialogue in my head - I'd sometimes even talk to myself in the car to see if things sounded right to me.
It's funny, while I write dialog, I hear it quite clearly in my head. I see the gestures, hear the words, and see the responses. I suppose that's helpful when it comes to writing.

I have a fair amount of dialog in my latest that I just put up on LC. We'll see if it works for people or not :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
who wishes she could take a train or something to work so that she could think or sketch in the mornings instead of deal with crazy drivers.