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Scheduling and Time Frames

 So I received my kit for the 2012 Beading For a Cure yesterday (to view the current 2011 auctions, follow the link).  This annual charity that I participate in has a variety of beads in the kit.  Each bead must be used at least one time in the project. 

I've got an idea in my head for what I want to make, but I need to draw it out and spend a bit of time working it out.  My problem, as always, will be time, or rather the lack thereof. 

I want to continue writing, and since most of what I write is short that's probably not going to be a major problem.  But I also edit for two friends, and that cuts into my time also.  It's worth it, but it's time. 

I committed to produce artwork for at least one story in the Tolkien Big Bang.  I knew I would have the BFAC commitment also - I have done this challenge for years.  But I still need to fold everything into the 2 hours or so that I have in my nights and maybe an hour in the early mornings. 

And I have charms to make for the Metal Clay World conference, enamel work to finish, other beadwork projects sitting on my desk (currently there are four in process) and...and...and.  I need to design something for BFAC that will not be a time hog but will look excellent and meet the criteria of the challenge.  The designs are already shifting in my head, just by writing this down.  It'll come clear...
Tags: art, beading for a cure, metal clay world, writing

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