Tolkien, artist

Garnet and Gold

Pande assigned me the rich colors of garnet and gold.  I hope I don't disappoint you with my choices...

#1 - This Ganado-style Navajo weaving is quite large and sits high on my livingroom wall above a triptych painting featuring blacks with one bit of red.  I have an extensive amount of Southwestern US items from the years that my DH and I lived down there.  

Ganado Weaving

#2 - A three-tier garnet ring.  My aunt visited her relations in Prague several times and one of those times she brought me back a ring very similar to this one.  It's quite lovely, but larger than I would normally wear, so I don't have it on very often.  

Garnet Ring 

#3 - Orchids.  Although orchids are not my favorite flower, these fit the garnet and gold bill perfectly and they are so beautifully patterned.  


#4 - A stained glass window.  The images on this beautiful and colorful.  I love working with glass, but this is not one of my pieces, I don't work in this media.  

Stained Glass

#5 - A fancy cake.  I love butterflies and combining it with good food and throwing in some orchids for good measure, it's hard to beat.  


#6 - Plique a Jour leaves by Marek Reysner.  I do enamel work, but I haven't done this technique yet.  Aren't they stunning?

Plique a Jour

#7 - My Dragons poster.  I have this on the door to the computer room.  I have a great fondness for dragons.  In my world they aren't the evil creatures as in Tolkien's world.  

Dragon Poster

#8 - St Jerome by El Greco.  Now you really didn't think I could do something like this and not have artwork somewhere in it, did you?  What a wonderful robe.  

St Jerome

#9 - And on the theme of art, here is a lovely picture of the Gartner Palace in Munich.  The combination of garnet and gold are very traditional colors for theaters.  

Gartners Palace

#10 - And to end the garnet and gold portion of this, I have this wonderful shot of a garnet gemstone.  


And for a small bonus, I have two other photos for you.  

Bonus #1 - I have mentioned my wall of dragons in the past.  I thought you might like a quick look. Each cubbyhole holds four, five or six dragons and the cubbies are three stories high.  I love my dragons.  I have them all over the house, this is just one spot.   

Wall of Dragons

Bonus #2 - The lamp in front of my wall is also a dragon.  This copper dragon, "Skytha", is a favorite of mine and lights the nights for houseguests.   I also have a two-dragonfly tabletop fountain by the same artist that we gave to each other as an anniversary gift several years ago.  The metal is copper.  


So there you go - ten items for garnet and gold and two bonus items just for the heck of it.  I hope you enjoyed and that I met the parameters for you, Pande.  

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh, Erulissë! You far exceeded the parameters, and I knew your creative eye would come through in this exercise! I love each and every photo. So expressive of what makes you you!

That garnet ring. OMG. I'd kill for it. I think we ladies of an age ought to wear BIG jewelry. Er, I don't, but I think I should.

The Navajo weaving is lovely, and those plique a jour leaves! And spiders! I am salivating.

But those bonus those sent me over the moon. The Wall o' Dragons is very cool (and I agree, they're a fascinating symbolic creature), and that lamp, oh, it is stunning.

Yes, met and exceeded. There was never a question of disappointment. Never.
There was a wonderful photo of the St Petersburg opera house that I really wanted to have, but I couldn't capture the pixels.

I'm so pleased that you like my dragons. On the bottom row in a cubby by himself you can just see the white wings of my flying hobby horse that I made for a competition a few years ago.

I adore those leaves and spiders. I wish I could do work like that, but perhaps some day I will.

I bow to you, and am exceedingly joyful that I surpassed your expectations. That was my goal.

- Erulisse (one L)
On the bottom row in a cubby by himself you can just see the white wings of my flying hobby horse that I made for a competition a few years ago.

PEGASUS! Yes, yes, I see him. He holds his own amongst the dragons.

Well, I'm off to watch "Camelot" and JCB.
Thanks, Shirebound. I think that Pande chose wonderful colors for me.

- Erulisse (one L)
I want those leaves also, but at least I know the basics of how to make them. I'll set that as a goal when I've retired and I have some serious time available to work on my enameling. I wants them too, Precious.....

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh gosh, I love your ring. *envious*

Plique a Jour

Those are gorgeous!.

Such rich colours. I can see Fëanor wearing them. :) This is lovely, Erulisse.

By the way, I hope you managed a good sleep last night!

Ten items. I think I had the number eight, in my head. *Eyeroll* oh, never mind, my PC was so slow yesterday I could barely save pictures.
Now there is the ultimate compliment - Feanor wearing those leaves. Although I could see them on him, I think they would suit Legolas a bit better. Or your beautiful, broken Twins.

I did get at least four hours of good sleep last night, but then the last hour I awoke more than 20 times just to assure myself that I could still sleep longer (sigh). But, it was better :-)

Ten items, eight items, your items were beautiful and the number is irrelevant.

- Erulisse (one L)
Sorry, I meant the garnet and gold were colours I can see Fëanor wearing, but those leaves, yes, they would suit Legolas and Eluréd and Elurín. :)

I did get at least four hours of good sleep last night, but then the last hour I awoke more than 20 times just to assure myself that I could still sleep longer (sigh). But, it was better :-)

Four hours does not seem much to me, honey, although I have known people who always have just four hours and simply don't need any more. We are all different. About seven is good for me, though I can get by on six.
The colors would be fantastic on our beloved Feanor, absolutely!

Four hours isn't much for me either. I usually get 5 to 5-1/2 and that wears me out by the end of the week. But if I don't get up early, I don't get an opportunity to have some quiet time for myself, think about projects, write, etc. It's a sacrifice, but one that I'm willing to make. Six to eight hours would be ideal, and it's something that I get very rarely.

- Erulisse (one L)
What gorgeous images! The close-up of the garnet especially makes me come over all covetous. And that's a spectacular dragon collection!
Thanks, Clodia. I do love garnets, so it was a good choice of color assignment by Pande. And I adore my dragons...

- Erulisse (one L)
Aren't they just amazing? I'm going to make myself some leaves like that when I retire in a few years. As for the weaving, I have Navajo weavings all over my house, but this lovely, very large piece, fit the color bill. So glad you enjoyed my visions.

- Erulisse (one L)
What a beautifully rich post - I loved the choice of the orchids for your theme, and the theatre.

The dragon light is stunning and I love your display boxes full of dragons - how beautiful.
Thanks, Curious. I appreciate your post. I had a fun time finding appropriate things for the colors I was assigned. And I'm delighted you enjoy my dragons. My DH and I will pull one every so often for a drawing session. It's always fun to explore through them, they have so much personality.

- Erulisse (one L)