Tolkien, artist Very Tired

 OMG I'm tired.  My reflexes are delayed, my eyesight is bleary, my brain is so dull that it is like a badly worn blade. 

I usually get this way by the end of the week, but when I'm already up for more than an hour and still thinking about going up and grabbing another half-hour of sleep, well...I'm tired.  Often when I get this tired I fall into depression and I'm fighting hard to keep that from happening.  So I'm working on a story that has a humor requirement and trying to focus on the fact that I can sleep in on Sunday morning.  But I still have two work days to go before Sunday happens. 

I've always been fond of Russian Icons. 

For those of you who celebrate Easter, I want to make sure and wish you a good Good Friday (or is that even proper?).  I mean, how can you wish someone a good celebration of an execution?  Because that's the celebration - let's all make a toast to a death.  Rather odd.  And the count of days has always bothered me.  You have the execution on Friday and the Resurrection on a Sunday, that's 48 hours.  But the Bible clearly states that He rose on the third day, so shouldn't it be Easter Monday?  Oh well, such little things are small little reasons why religion for the masses just isn't my road. 

But one thing that I do care about deeply also occurs today - Earth Day.  I remember the original Earth Day in 1970.  It was my first year of high school, the war in Vietnam was going strong, as were our protests throughout the nation, and our school was deeply wracked with unrest over integrated bussing and forced integration.  But on Earth Day, a large group of us gathered together, left the school against regulations, and walked to downtown Denver's Convention Center where we looked at exhibits about water safety, trash recycling, air pollution, and other environmental topics.  When it was over, rather than walk back home (it was not a short walk), one of us phoned a parent and we got a ride home.  It was the first shot fired in what has almost become a way of life.  We now recycle as a normal thing, and indeed, recycling is regulated as mandatory in some cases.  We pay attention to air and water pollution and have cleaned up many of the waterways of this nation.  We look to the future, environmentally.  Now if we could just get war out of our picture because we are still fighting - just on a different playground.  Peace is still a goal to be reached.  Why not strive for a peaceful and earth friendly day today. 
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I am so sorry. You've been going through a lot :(
I hope you can have a good rest in Sunday!
Thanks, Spiced. At least the new monitor that I bought seems to be working properly. So I got one monitor switched today and I'll get the other one switched out tomorrow and then I'll be back in business here at the shop.

Now to think on garnet and gold for Pande's color assignment...and continue honing my humor story for the May challenge. See? There are a few fun things that I can do through my exhaustion today :-)

{{{ Spiced }}}

- Erulisse (one L)
Well, you need some sleep too. I will look forward to your colour assignment, though :)

I was raised in a religious family, although not OTT. Good Friday was perhaps a more *thoughtful* day, (still is, for me.) but Easter Sunday was the celebratory day. When I was considering becoming a Catholic (which I didn't go through with.) I did go to Good Friday services once or twice, and the Baptist church did a kind of silent prayer day, when you just walked to different parts of the church and said a little prayer for people, and that was really nice.

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I was raised in a non-religious home but always had a liking for church, at least on the high holidays. There is something about the pomp and circumstance, the back and forth of the questions and answers, the ceremonial aspects that just appeals to me. In many ways my way is much harder - I don't have the guidance of liturgy to follow, just what my heart tells me is right. I have to follow that and it works for me. A religion of one, for One. It's all good.

- Erulisse (one L)
I still love to go to a church for the high holidays, there's just something about the music and ceremony that is so comfortable.
there's just something about the music and ceremony that is so comfortable.

Catholic churches definitely have a lot of pageantry. The Baptist church I went to very little; they didn't wear the vestments they do in Catholic churches. Eastern Orthodox is also very ceremonious.

Mum was in Spain last week, and one day they did one of those outdoors ceremonies, where they wear those high-pointed hoods and carry an effigy through the streets. She was quite floored, as of course they don't have anything like that here.

I did used to like singing hymns, but I find I can feel more spiritual on my own walking in the country.
Oh dear, I hope you can get some sleep! That level of exhaustion just makes thinking impossible.
Fortunately, I don't have to think to do my job, just have to be able to operate the cash register and help clueless customers (apologies to any who might be reading). I love my customers, but sometimes my patience can be drawn a bit thin...

- Erulisse (one L)
I grew up Catholic, and my mother treated me like I was a little heretic in the making when I dared ask about Sunday vs. Monday for Easter if the Crucifixion was on Good Friday.

Well, I guess she was right about the heretic in the making thing, LOL.

I know that tired feeling, sweetie, and I hope you can get some good rest soon!
Well, I'm married to a nominal Catholic who got quite intense and upset with me even questioning whether the word celebrate was appropriate for Good Friday (sigh). My BFF is a staunch Catholic and very happy in her faith, therefore I am happy for her as well. I am a believer in whatever works for each individual person.

- Erulisse (one L)
I remember the original earth day also. I was already in California at the time, marching in the streets at the drop of a hat. Here we are all those years later and ugly wars in more than one place and the earth as had a rough year as well.

I know the tired feeling. Killing me at the moment!

Also, love Russian/Greek Orthodox icons.

I'm sorry but I had to giggle at your musings on Good Friday. Laura told me yesterday that she was getting off work early today and wanted to know if there was anything I wanted to do to "celebrate" Good Friday. She can't help it. To the degree she had any religious education up, it came from the Jewish side of her family. Anyway, I explained Good Friday to a 28-year-old last night. This kid grew up in Mexico also! The US does not have the corner on commercializing huge religious holidays. In Mexico, where she grew up, Semana Santa was all about getting out of the city and going to a beach town if at all possible.

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Getting out of the cities and going to the beach? I'm all over it! If only.... But you can be like my mother who never met a holiday that she didn't like because any holiday was an excuse to celebrate. It worked for me :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Sorry you're so tired. I know that feeling well. The elfling is wearing me out this week. ;P Hope you perk up soon!

As for the three days, that has to do with Jewish tradition and counting. They counted even part of a day or something like that. It's been a while since I studied it. So Sunday is the third day, even though Jesus wasn't dead a full three days. ;P
You're right, in Jewish tradition, things begin at sundown, so during the day on Friday would actually be counted from Thursday at sundown. It's a good way to think about it, actually :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I always think 'celebrate' is the wrong word, too - we talk about a service to commemorate Good Friday.

I remember asking about the 'third' day thing - I asked the minister - wondering why we celebrated anything on Easter Monday if the resurrection had been the Sunday.

He pointed out that Easter Monday doesn't exist in lots of places - and I can certainly confirm it isn't a public holiday in Scotland - which surprised me the first Easter I was north of the border. He wondered if perhaps some English churches had thought in 'units of 24 hours since the moment of death' and hence given labourers the Monday off as a feast day.

In practice the first day in which Jesus was dead was Friday, the second day in which he was dead was Saturday, and once they got into Sunday it became the third day on the calendar in which he had been dead...

Banks used to use exactly the same way to count days for clearing a cheque - if you paid it into the bank before 3.30 this was day one of three - if you paid it in after 3.30 day one wasn't until tomorrow!
Excellent, I can reference to a banker's holiday and come up with the appropriate day count. What a glorious way to think of this! You're a genius.

In any case, I hope you have a good celebratory weekend.

- Erulisse (one L)
I hope you feel less tired soon and get some deep, good quality sleep - I get the same feelings of depression if I become overtired.

In my church, which I am very lax at attending, Good Friday was day one and it was a day of mourning, whereas the Sunday was day three and was a day of joy. All I can think of is that in times past people counted the event day as day one and not 24 hours later. Or maybe I am completely wrong lol

Good luck with your writing project.

Hugs Binky x