engarian (engarian) wrote,

Tired....so Very Tired

 OMG I'm tired.  My reflexes are delayed, my eyesight is bleary, my brain is so dull that it is like a badly worn blade. 

I usually get this way by the end of the week, but when I'm already up for more than an hour and still thinking about going up and grabbing another half-hour of sleep, well...I'm tired.  Often when I get this tired I fall into depression and I'm fighting hard to keep that from happening.  So I'm working on a story that has a humor requirement and trying to focus on the fact that I can sleep in on Sunday morning.  But I still have two work days to go before Sunday happens. 

I've always been fond of Russian Icons. 

For those of you who celebrate Easter, I want to make sure and wish you a good Good Friday (or is that even proper?).  I mean, how can you wish someone a good celebration of an execution?  Because that's the celebration - let's all make a toast to a death.  Rather odd.  And the count of days has always bothered me.  You have the execution on Friday and the Resurrection on a Sunday, that's 48 hours.  But the Bible clearly states that He rose on the third day, so shouldn't it be Easter Monday?  Oh well, such little things are small little reasons why religion for the masses just isn't my road. 

But one thing that I do care about deeply also occurs today - Earth Day.  I remember the original Earth Day in 1970.  It was my first year of high school, the war in Vietnam was going strong, as were our protests throughout the nation, and our school was deeply wracked with unrest over integrated bussing and forced integration.  But on Earth Day, a large group of us gathered together, left the school against regulations, and walked to downtown Denver's Convention Center where we looked at exhibits about water safety, trash recycling, air pollution, and other environmental topics.  When it was over, rather than walk back home (it was not a short walk), one of us phoned a parent and we got a ride home.  It was the first shot fired in what has almost become a way of life.  We now recycle as a normal thing, and indeed, recycling is regulated as mandatory in some cases.  We pay attention to air and water pollution and have cleaned up many of the waterways of this nation.  We look to the future, environmentally.  Now if we could just get war out of our picture because we are still fighting - just on a different playground.  Peace is still a goal to be reached.  Why not strive for a peaceful and earth friendly day today. 
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