engarian (engarian) wrote,

A Little Heartsick

 So, I had hopes, slim but hopes nonetheless, that my friend who had tossed me out of her life while I was suffering with my root canal issues would realize that we had been friends for longer than I had been her client, and that we would manage to put all of this behind us.  I wanted to continue our friendship, although I have no intention of having her as my accountant any more. 

Six weeks ago we had planned to get together again this morning for our usual Thursday morning breakfasts.  I phoned her yesterday and left a message asking her if we would be getting together for breakfast today and for her to phone me back.  I didn't get a call back.  I guess it is actually final, although I'm not willing to call it quits quite yet.  I'm stubborn, and I was her friend long before I was her client.  So I'm not giving up yet, although I probably should. 

One of the monitors at the shop has been dying for the past few weeks.  It starts the day out well, but by the end of the day the monitor screen has begun to shrink, making it difficult to turn the system off since it is shrinking the bottom control bar.  So I purchased a monitor yesterday and today (or Friday) I get the dubious joy of installing.  That means that Computer #1 will get a new monitor.  Computer #2 will get the monitor that had been on Computer #1, and the old Computer #2 monitor will have to be recycled.  It wouldn't be bad if there wasn't a crapload of stuff piled in front of the CPU for Computer #1.  My partner just can't seem to avoid piling things onto any horizontal surface.  Computer #2 will be easier to get to, but the cables have to snake through some tight holes.  I'm not sure I'm up for this today.  I probably would rather just be reading "Fall of Kings", the last book in the Swordspoint saga.  Have a wonderful Thursday.
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