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Working a Six-Day Week

 So, since this is the start of my six-day weeks, I don't have another day off for a week. I only have to work for four hours on Sunday, but it still means that I won't be able to spend the day raking leaves or playing LOTRO or whatever (reading fanfic, perhaps). However, even though we are putting handouts into every customer's bag, I probably will have a really easy day. I wanted to have a Constant Contact Email ready to go, but I think I'll actually aim for next week instead. I want to offer a serious discount on a single item to kick off our holiday season. We have to do something, the people just aren't coming through the door.

Working a six-day week. Aack!!!

There is a beaded bracelet using the Tila beads that I think would make a really nice display item, and possibly a good holiday gift. I will be doing a combination of reading on-screen and beading at the same time pretty darned soon, now. I have several people that I need to make gifts for, and I have two things in mine that might work. And I think I'll make my DH at least two pairs of pants. He really needs them and I already have the fabric for them. So it would be a Wednesday or two of my time, but wouldn't cost me any more money unless I need another spool of thread, so I could afford to do it and it would be a good gift. Of course, his birthday is the day after Christmas, and that double whammy is what always kills my budget. I don't have a lot (say next-to-none) discretionary income for this holiday season, so I have to be creative with my gifts this year.

White Light
White Light is Healing Light,

Thanks to all of you who sent white light for my friend Cindy yesterday. I haven't heard anything yet (probably won't for a few days), but as soon as I know, I'll let you know too.
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