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One More Time

 So, today I go back to my Dentist for one more visit to put the whole trauma behind me.  I get a permanent filling in my tooth and then I'm finished with this tooth issue.  What a ride it was. 

I will be very happy to get off this one and begin the journey on a different track.  I have been assured that no shots will be necessary, so I'll be fine and I'm not even nervous. 

I am still writing, and just got my assignment for the next challenge piece.  Now to try and think of something with humor.  I tend to be more full of angst and pathos, but I can do humor.  I think.  It will be a good challenge for me. 

Driving to work yesterday, after having to purchase two new tires because of pothole damage, I noticed that my Egret has returned to his little lake.  That means that spring is finally here.  I can't ever look at him and not be happy to see him.  He's so beautiful and he makes my day.  Today, of course, it is snowing, so he might be a bit early, but it is a wet snow that won't stay long.  Still, his timing might have been really bad this year :-)

Today, since it is my day off and my studio day, will be filled with artistic things.  I want to continue working on my digital art tutorials.  I am determined to get this technique nailed, but it is a long haul for my old brain - LOL.  Have a creative, artistically satisfying day!
I am so glad you're not nervous about the dentist. Big hugs. Soon it'll be over.

Glad spring is on its way!
Thanks Spiced. I only made it through this entire process with the help of you and other F-list friends. I don't know what I would have done without you.

- Erulisse (one L)
I can totally identify with your dental phobia. Glad you are in a good place for this next appointment. It sometimes takes a real effort to force one's head into the right place. I cancelled a doctor's appointment last week because I wasn't feeling well. I have to really psyche myself up to get through all of that. Dentists don't really bother me! Go figure. We're all different!

Yay for spring!

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-- I cancelled a doctor's appointment last week because I wasn't feeling well--

Ummmm, that sounds like my mother cleaning the house because the cleaning lady was coming by. Wouldn't it be more reasonable to go to the doctor BECAUSE you aren't feeling well? Anyway, the dentist this time was a piece of cake (and $180) and I am now completely finished with the root canal saga (and considerably poorer). Dentists only bother me if I need novacaine, which fortunately, was not necessary today.

- Erulisse (one L)
Hope you're feeling much better now.
Congrats on getting the tooth sorted! I hope you never have any problems with it (or any other teeth) again.