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Swordspoint and Game of Thrones

As my readers know, I have been reading books by Ellen Kushner.  I read Swordspoint and am now involved in The Privilege of the Sword. 

Swordspoint caught me quickly.  It was recommended by several fanfic authors whose opinions I greatly respect, so I purchased it for my Nook and buried my nose in electronic text.  Yesterday morning, I found the perfect musical accompaniment to the story.  It's not that I don't know the music very well, I have listened to this for many years.  But the understated elegance, the pull between the themes, the way that the music just snakes through the measures, it just spoke to me as being perfect for the magnetic attraction and unusual combination of Alec and Richard.  The music is JS Bach's "
Air on the G String".  

And Game of Thrones has started broadcasting on HBO.  I don't get the premium channels on my TV, so I'll have to wait to see it until the DVD gets released after the season is over.  The comments I am hearing from friends who are able to see it are generally quite favorable.  The books drove me, and still drive me, a bit crazy.  I'm not sure whether I want to read them again to refresh my memories of the world that Martin is presenting.  I think I would rather watch this for the costumery and to see Sean Bean wearing a sword again.  That, in itself, will be worth the watch.  For those who are fans of the series, Poster Revolution has some wonderful posters available.  So, today's post has been on entertainment.  What are you doing for entertainment this week?   
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Hey welcome to the world of Ellen Kushner's Swordspoint. I enjoyed listening to Air on the G String, been a while since I'd heard it. It's interesting that it made you think of Alec and Richard. They do create a sort of safe haven for each other. Richard's calm, self-possession a place for Alec's batshit stuff to bounce off. Ellen did manage to create chemistry there.

I'll be curious what you think of Fall of the Kings, which I love, but other fans of Swordspoint were less pleased by.

And I agree, nice to see Sean Bean wearing a sword and long hair. Guess I may have to see if I can watch this show on-line.
Well, I just finished Privilege and started Fall. I have, of course, yet to form an opinion of this one since I just started it, but I like her writing. It's easy on the mind :-)

Alec and Richard are such perfect foils for each other, and Katherine ended up working well within their spheres without losing her unique personality. The only thing I found hard about Privilege is how quickly she "mastered" the blade, although by the end of it she was practicing very diligently. It is a series of books that I know I will happily read again and again, so I'm very pleased that I got them for my Nook. They will become old friends.

- Erulisse (one L)