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Back to the Grind

 I was very proud of myself.  I knew I didn't have any money to spare, so I went to the ACC Show knowing I could not indulge.  Fortunately there wasn't a lot that I was heavily tempted with. 

There was a lot of very nice stuff, and a lot of art, jewelry, and fibre arts that were more of the same - things that the artist had developed years ago and was still doing without much alteration.  There were six artists whose work was unusual enough that I dearly loved it. 

Seeka combines laser-cut stainless steel, resin epoxy and Swarovski crystals into small works of art.  They do jewelry and Judaica items, all very colorful and whimsical. 

Jon Michael Route uses different formulas of patination combined with shaping and texturing to create amazing wall pieces.  It is wonderul use of the properties of color and metal.  I'm in love. 

Peggy and Steve Kittleson make amazing kaleidoscopes - a love of mine for my entire life.  I could happily have spent hours and hours at their booth, looking at each kaleidoscope they offered and would have had to be physically pulled away.  As it was, my DH had to get me from there twice.  I have an amazing kaleidoscope that I purchased when my mother died, but these were also well worth looking at. 

Karen Hibbs make amazing stained glass works incorporating fossils and having a very primordial feel to them.  Both my DH and I fell in love with her work.  Too pricey for us right now, but one of the few art pieces we have agreed on in many years. 

Dan Neil Barnes specializes in art glass works for walls and decor.  The works range in size, but many are quite large and absolutely stunning when lit.  Wonderful work capturing light. 

And Dan Ray captures nature in metal.  He takes leaves and coats them in patinated metal to create wearable jewelry.  Unfortunately his web site didn't have the style that I really fell in love with - he had some Dawn Redwood from Muir Forest in California that was exceptional. 

And the weekend ended by spending several hours playing LOTRO with my friend Aearwen from California.  The three of us had a great time getting to know each other a bit more and killing wicked things in Middle Earth.  Sunday was wonderful...but now it's back to the grind :-)
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