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The Weekend is Here

 Thank goodness for a great computer guru.  My guru phoned me at 6:30 am and I had the CPU to him by shortly after 7 am.  He worked on it until a little after 8 am, replacing the graphics card with a much better one, and I had the CPU back home and hooked up by 9 am.  I was even at the shop on time.  Call me happy. 

Judith Klinghorn will be among the artists exhibiting
at the ACC Show this weekend. 

This weekend is the American Craft Council show in downtown Saint Paul.  It's an event that I always attend, I have been going to it for more than 10 years.  I have no money to spend, but I love looking at the pretty things and watching whatever demonstrations they may have going on.  There are often a few customers of mine who exibit there, and some friends as well, so it's a pleasant few hours of wandering looking at beauty and dreaming of possibilities. 

Caribou Coffee shops have large, comfortable chairs,
fireplaces for the winter months, and great coffee. 

And I'm so nose-deep in Swordspoint.  I'm looking forward to when I leave for work today, because I'll either grab breakfast or coffee with oatmeal at Caribou and read for an hour.  Just call me happy (at least for the time being).  Oh, and artist signups for the Tolkien Big Bang event are early next week, so I'll be sure to sign up for that also.  It will at least get me back to my sketchbook.  Have a creative weekend.  
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