engarian (engarian) wrote,

Computer Woes Again

 My DH managed to do a serious crash to his computer yesterday afternoon. At least one of his graphics cards is fried, the keyboard and mouse are completely non-responsive, and windows won't boot properly.

So I get the joy of driving the CPU to my computer guru this morning instead of having a nice cup of coffee reading Swordspoint on my NookColor. I don't even think he did anything particularly wrong. He was just playing Lord of the Rings Online like he does every day. But he said that his computer has been taking longer to power up and that he was noticing some graphics problems. Unfortunately, he says that he has work to try to do this weekend and that's not going to happen without a computer. Also, he won't be able to play LOTRO with me and the two friends of mine who were planning to try and play with me on Sunday. We'll have to see what happens. One step at a time, but Dale will get more money from us, and we will (eventually) have a functional computer on the east side of the room again. At least, for a change, it's his computer - not mine.

I am nose-deep in Ellen Kushner's novel "Swordspoint". I usually wait to see what gets recommended to me over time and I had at least five different friends highly recommend this book to me. So I bought it for my NookColor and am totally entrapped and entranced. I have other books on my wait list - cash is very tight right now so I couldn't indulge heavily. But I guess I'll have things to look forward to :-) Have a creative day. Allow yourself to curl up in a chair with a cup of coffee or tea and read at least a chapter in a good book. It's well worth the time. 
Tags: books, computer, lotro

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