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Day is Not Going Smoothly

 For some reason, even though I was up at 3:30 am as usual (yes...I know I'm crazy).  

I didn't get to writing my blog until almost 5:30 am. I got tied up on my Live Journal and Dreamwidth accounts, as well as some of the writers boards that I belong to, and just didn't get my act together. Shame on me.

Green Spiny Lizard

My LC writer's board just awarded me the title "Devil Lizard"
because I passed my 666th post. I'm hunting for an appropriate
spiney lizard photo for a new avatar. Maybe this guy?

But one of the best things to come out of my latest 24 hours of immersing myself in my writing and with my on-line writing friends are book recommendations, and I ended up with several that sounded interesting yesterday. I'll drop by Barnes & Noble today and read a few of them for free on my Nook. I'll figure out which one(s) I want to buy from that. I'll NookBook them - it's really all I read now-a-days. It's just so convenient - everything I want to read in one small package that goes with me where ever I go. I can do my research, and then switch to my latest novel, and all I need to do is tap the screen. It comes close to my personal definition of heaven. I really need to get more of my favorite fanfic onto it. Maybe I can find some time this week to begin converting a few pieces so that I can do that.

Breugar the Artist

I think he knows a lot more about what he is doing
artistically than I do, although digital art might
mystify him also.

Today is my day off and although I have errands, I purposely left today wide open so that I can continue working on the letters I need to send to the IRS and my sketch to painting Photoshop workshop that I'm trying to work through. Of course I'll also do laundry. I should actually do some housecleaning, but call me lazy - I really make a lousy housekeeper. REALLY lousy. I need to get my act together and do something soon, though, because it is starting to drive me crazy and that means my DH has been on the edge for at least a month. He has less tolerance than I do - LOL. Have a wonderfully creative and productive day!
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