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 I love to travel.  If I had been alive at the time of Titanic, who could say if I would not be one of those on that ill-fated ship which sunk in 1912 on the 15th of April.  It set sail from Southampton on April 10th, the premier ocean liner in an era of oppulent ships plying the waves. 

Every bit of it was sumptuous and elegant - for the appropriate class sections.  Even the steerage class was, for that time, above the norm.  But all things considered, it was a moving tin can that got in the way of an iceberg a few days from now, a few years in the past.  Why talk about Titanic today?  Because this was probably one of the few really nice days on the sea that these passengers had before nightmare came down on them in the night.  I love Titanic, and I'll be thinking about the ship and its passengers for the next couple of days. 

All 31 Days - it is a beautious thing!

And speaking of traveling, here it is.  My completed and stunningly beautiful Back to Middle Earth passport.  I composed a story for each day and have all 31 stamps.  It was a personal challenge and I really enjoyed putting myself in a mood for fiction.  I received so much positive feed back that I am continuing to write - just not for daily challenges.  We are all looking for fun, and I found mine, at least for the time being.  I just HAD to share :-)
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Thank you SO much, Shirebound. It is SO pretty. I am pretty amazed that I did this, I had never published anything fiction until these and it was a real growing experience that I truly enjoyed.

- Erulisse (one L)
Well done! And as a fan of the Titanic you really should read Jael's story 'A Man in Full' - it helps to have read some of her other stories - but if you don't know her work, all you need to know is that, in her stories, Legolas returned from Valinor to the Greenwood (as Gimli urged him to, on his deathbed) - and from then on Thranduil's people remained in the world...
Thanks, Curious.

I've read it. I've read most of her work. I adore Jael's interpretation of those who remained behind. She lives in the next state and I'm hoping to grab her for a drink when I'm in her city in June. Very talented person.

- Erulisse (one L)
That is a very impressive passport. Congratulations! I still need to catch up on several, don't I? Hopefully I'll have time next week -- once the conference is over...