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Relaxing Weekend

 I had a very relaxing Sunday.  Caught up with my current stories, I have two being looked over by my writer's group right now, and I also got one posted to a monthly contest.  That last one won't be able to be public until next month. 

Then I started playing LOTRO with DH and my friend Zhie.  We had a really fun time killing lots of critters and getting our low level characters raised up in strength.  I rescued Zhie's character from the pubs of the Shire and Bree, so I should have received an award, or at least a free beer, for getting him off the bar and onto his horse :-)

The Prancing Pony in Bree is quite large with many
entrances and a huge bar area.  Here you find Strider,
and other characters necessary to move on in the game.

The Tolkien Weekly challenge for this week (Spiders) has me stumped, but I know that won't last long.  Things are already starting to move through my head as possibilities. 

To be honest, when I have a nice quiet weekend, I don't have a lot to report on my blog.  But, I'm really not having any problem with that since I've done plenty of complaining over the past few weeks, so it is a relief to not have anything to qvetch about :-)  I hope you also had a wonderful weekend and I wish you a calm and quiet week to finish your income taxes if you have not already filed them.  
Tags: income taxes, lotro, tolkien

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