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Happy Birthday Mom

 Today would have been my Mom's 99th birthday.  She is no longer with me, she died many years ago.  Yet, in so many ways she walks alongside me every day. 

My Mom was a musician - classicly trained at the piano and a graduate of the Vienna Music Conservatory.  She loved art, ballet, and the theatre.  Growing up in Vienna when she did, in an era without television or computers, the smaller theatre companies and musical events were the entertainment of the time.  Although she enjoyed movies, she never got embroiled in that type of entertainment; my father was much more of a movie fan. 


The Vienna Opera - Such a beautiful building. 

And my Mom was an artist.  She worked in many different media and each one that she worked in, she also taught to me while I still lived with her.  We made wax candles, we did glass mosaic, we beaded, we painted, we did everything we possibly could.  She was a talented seamstress who worked in the fashion industry in New York City for a while when she first came to this country.  I owe my mother a great deal of thanks for teaching me that following my heart was acceptable, that art could be a thread throughout my life, and that taking joy in creating something was to be celebrated.  So I remember the good times, Mom, not the Alzheimer's Disease that took your life, but the beauty that you tried to bring to it every day.  Happy birthday, Mom.  

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Thanks, Shire. My Mom, was a very special lady. We didn't get along well until her later years - probably too much personality similarity - spitfires, both. But we really had so much in common. If your Mom is still with you, give her a hug today. All mothers deserve a bit of love.

- Erulisse (one L)
What a lovely tribute to your mother - and what a fine looking woman she was, too.
Thanks, Curious. My Mom was stunning in her youth. Much better looking than I will be in my fondest dreams. And so very talented. If I come even close to her talent, I'll die happy.

- Erulisse (one L)
I loved your tribute to your mother. I lost my mother only a couple of years ago and she was of the same generation as your mother (in her 90s when she died). It's amazing how much our mothers influence who we are, isn't it? My mother gave me her love of literature, history, politics, world cultures, travel and so much more.
Parents in general are quite amazing. I'm sure I would not necessarily be trying to work in art, music and writing if I didn't have a bit of talent, but I think I would still enjoy viewing art and listening to concerts because of my upbringing.

- Erulisse (one L)
Thanks for sharing your Mom, erulisse.

I lost my mom a little over three years ago, and she, too, was a special lady. She helped me get started as a musician and always supported me in whatever endeavor I was involved with. She was a hobbyist painter and musician, a great organizer and cook, and a firm believer in a well-rounded education. She was my advocate when I was young, and my best friend when I was older.

I miss her dreadfully, although I know that she's much happier now, free of the health problems that marred her final years. Like you, I choose to remember the good times.

Happy Birthday to your Mom - wherever she is.

PS: You're right (in one of your other comments elsewhere.) We're very much alike - we really do need to meet one of these fine days.

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My mother passed in 2000. I still treat 1998 as when she actually passed since that's when I had to institutionalize her for her Alzheimer's. It is still a scar on my soul. I'm an only child and I kept getting calls from friends and neighbors who were upset with her behavior. I flew in on a Tuesday night, had her at the doctor's for an evaluation on Thursday, had an evaluation by the facility on Friday, and admitted her on Saturday. And then I cried. For a long time. And refused to accept her phone calls for more than 24 hours. I've never done anything so hard and I pray that I will never be asked to do something so hard again.

Yes, we are very much alike. I find a great deal that I like about you, we are of similar ages and experiences, and I think we would have a wonderful time if we were ever able to meet in RL. I will keep the faith that it will happen sometime.

- Erulisse (one L)