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Happy Birthday Mom

 Today would have been my Mom's 99th birthday.  She is no longer with me, she died many years ago.  Yet, in so many ways she walks alongside me every day. 

My Mom was a musician - classicly trained at the piano and a graduate of the Vienna Music Conservatory.  She loved art, ballet, and the theatre.  Growing up in Vienna when she did, in an era without television or computers, the smaller theatre companies and musical events were the entertainment of the time.  Although she enjoyed movies, she never got embroiled in that type of entertainment; my father was much more of a movie fan. 


The Vienna Opera - Such a beautiful building. 

And my Mom was an artist.  She worked in many different media and each one that she worked in, she also taught to me while I still lived with her.  We made wax candles, we did glass mosaic, we beaded, we painted, we did everything we possibly could.  She was a talented seamstress who worked in the fashion industry in New York City for a while when she first came to this country.  I owe my mother a great deal of thanks for teaching me that following my heart was acceptable, that art could be a thread throughout my life, and that taking joy in creating something was to be celebrated.  So I remember the good times, Mom, not the Alzheimer's Disease that took your life, but the beauty that you tried to bring to it every day.  Happy birthday, Mom.  

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