Party Countdown & White Light Request

Today is the last day that I have available for Chickie Birthday Party preparation. I have almost everything finished, but I have to work on the tombstone (make it stable and something that I can mount to the back of the chair) and finish the printing of the remembrance cards and the seating chart cards. Then I have to assemble everything so that I can set things up easily. I think I'll still run out two sets of seating charts, just in case my DH changes his mind and decides to come at the last minute. But he probably won't come along. It's too bad - it would be a lot of fun to have him join us. I'll make sure to take a camera - this will be too much fun not to share.

Tea Party
The TEA Party - Taxed Enough Already
There's a lot I don't like about them, but I
also am sick of taxes everywhere I turn.

The elections are over, and some races, including our Governor here in the state of Minnesota, are too close to call yet. But the Republicans took the House of Representatives. Democrats retained their control of the Senate. The Tea Party (Taxed Enough Already) had a serious impact, and in many instances I can't say that I don't agree with a lot of their platform. The basics are smaller government, smaller taxes, and taking the government away from career politicians - bringing it back to the people. So, we now have several Tea Party-backed candidates who got elected. It remains to be seen what they can accomplish, but it should be an interesting two years until the next major election which will also be a Presidential election. If Obama can't become more centrist and accomplish things to improve the economy, etc., he will be a one-term president, just like Jimmy Carter was. He needs to emulate Bill Clinton and shift to a more centrist position, working well with both sides of the aisle. But I'm not so sure that the Senators and Representatives will move from their ingrained party positions. And that's a big part of why politics and government is starting to not function.
Thyroid Nodule
Nodules on a Thyroid.  This is NOT a good thing!

I almost forgot...I have a very dear friend. Cindy has been a friend for 30 years. She's had a rough road - has had Multiple Sclerosis for as long as I've known her. She found some lumps and is going in for tests today to see if they are cancerous. I am asking all of you who read this blog to think kind thoughts for her today and send white light to her for cleansing and healing. I know that with all of you helping, her nodules will not be cancerous and she'll be fine again. Right now the stress is max.
I ran into an old guy I have known for years waiting for a bus to come back from the doc's, and he has just had therapy for prostate cancer, and is feeling really rough. I will send white light to your friend and to him right now.

Thank you, dear. She's a really wonderful person who has a fierce will to live and a firm faith in God. We don't agree on the aspects of Spirit and have agreed to disagree, but we know we can always count on each other. Her husband is the brother of our Best Man at our wedding, and her daughter is a really sweet woman, making her way in the big wide world. Great family.

- Erulisse ((one L)
They sound like a lovely family. I have done it and will continue to throughout the day. Hugs!