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 I post to my standard journal and my LJ every morning around 4am.  This is what I had written for today, but LJ was down until recently, and I was unable to post at that time.  Update at the end.  

So today I have my root canal. I awoke this morning looking at the experience similar to looking at a tunnel. This tunnel has an ending - an opening at the other side that I will exit from, and in six hours or so, I'll be back home, recovering, and I'm sure I'll be feeling much better in the long run. It's a guarantee that I can't continue with the pain I've been in. I can't eat anything hot or cold, and just biting causes twinges of pain. I'm tired of taking high-powered pain meds, I want my life to return to "normalcy". Yes, I know that's a laugh - there is no normalcy IN my life, but it's a goal, right?

Sun Tunnels


So I have an opening at the end of my tunnel, and that's a good thing. There are many situations that people can find themselves in that have no escape, where the end of the tunnel is bricked off and they are trapped. I feel very fortunate that I am not in a situation or country where that would be the case. So while I am not looking forward to this dental procedure, I still send my heart out to my fellow women across the world who find themselves in situations where they are trapped - trapped in bad marriages, trapped by war or disease, trapped by being female in a world where that is one step above the value of a cow, or worse. I will concentrate on how very lucky I am and I will thank Spirit for having placed me here in this time and place, with those around me who support me and help me. I am blessed.

I was there on time, waiting at the Dentist's office.  I was very much a rabbit in the headlights gal, but they gave me a good dose of gas (helped VERY much) and they were very gentle.  My friend CW had suggested bringing along my iPod and listening to music.  I don't have a lot on there - my workout songs, mostly - but it was a great idea because I didn't have to listen to the Dentist unless she had a specific question.  I survived, actually in fairly good shape, and came home, took a pain pill and went to sleep for four hours.  Finally LJ was up again and I could post and let people know.  THANK YOU - ALL OF YOU!!!  
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Hurrah! So glad it's over and you survived! Glad, too, that the idea of taking your iPod helped.
It helped SO much, it was brilliant and I can't believe I never thought of it before. See tomorrow's post for visions that helped me through - LOL. And thanks again for being such a help!!!

- Erulisse (one L)
I'm so happy you're home and it's over with!

the experience similar to looking at a tunnel. This tunnel has an ending - an opening at the other side that I will exit from

I'll have to learn to view my incredibly stressful job like that. It won't be this bad indefinitely, we just have to get through a few months of craziness.
Thanks, Shire. The tunnel image seemed perfect for just making my way through. I am not very good with being underground (must be the elf in me) and I never was able to handle the silver mines of my native Colorado. Having light at the end of my tunnels make things possible :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I hope your stress decreases soon!
Hooray, you did it! I am so glad you are now at the other end of the tunnel. As you say, there was light, and we are most lucky to take for granted so many things.

Thanks, Russa. Yes, I survived and the worst is over. I'll still have to get the temporary filling replaced, but that will be much more minor and probably won't even require pain killers since the nerves are now dead. Yippee!

- Erulisse (one L)
I'm glad the dirty deed is finished, and that you're home after surviving in better shape than you thought you would. Having music to hang your concentration on is a very good idea - I'll have to remember that the next time I end up having to have emergency dentistry done.

Rest up, take it very easy, and get better!

And thank the One LJ is back up. I'm getting fairly frustrated with it, tho...
Thanks, Aearwen. What a rocky road it has been. Full credit for the music idea goes to Curious Wombat. Bless her - it was a great idea.

- Erulisse (one L)
Thanks, Clodia. I am happy to have it over with. I'll take tomorrow off work, even though my Manager is complaining about that. He'll just have to deal.

- Erulisse (one L)