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 I post to my standard journal and my LJ every morning around 4am.  This is what I had written for today, but LJ was down until recently, and I was unable to post at that time.  Update at the end.  

So today I have my root canal. I awoke this morning looking at the experience similar to looking at a tunnel. This tunnel has an ending - an opening at the other side that I will exit from, and in six hours or so, I'll be back home, recovering, and I'm sure I'll be feeling much better in the long run. It's a guarantee that I can't continue with the pain I've been in. I can't eat anything hot or cold, and just biting causes twinges of pain. I'm tired of taking high-powered pain meds, I want my life to return to "normalcy". Yes, I know that's a laugh - there is no normalcy IN my life, but it's a goal, right?

Sun Tunnels


So I have an opening at the end of my tunnel, and that's a good thing. There are many situations that people can find themselves in that have no escape, where the end of the tunnel is bricked off and they are trapped. I feel very fortunate that I am not in a situation or country where that would be the case. So while I am not looking forward to this dental procedure, I still send my heart out to my fellow women across the world who find themselves in situations where they are trapped - trapped in bad marriages, trapped by war or disease, trapped by being female in a world where that is one step above the value of a cow, or worse. I will concentrate on how very lucky I am and I will thank Spirit for having placed me here in this time and place, with those around me who support me and help me. I am blessed.

I was there on time, waiting at the Dentist's office.  I was very much a rabbit in the headlights gal, but they gave me a good dose of gas (helped VERY much) and they were very gentle.  My friend CW had suggested bringing along my iPod and listening to music.  I don't have a lot on there - my workout songs, mostly - but it was a great idea because I didn't have to listen to the Dentist unless she had a specific question.  I survived, actually in fairly good shape, and came home, took a pain pill and went to sleep for four hours.  Finally LJ was up again and I could post and let people know.  THANK YOU - ALL OF YOU!!!  
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