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Hellish Weekend

 This was a weekend from hell. Saturday was filled with pain from my tooth, but also because a dear friend of more than 25 years basically told me to jump off a bridge and that she wanted nothing more to do with me. I was absolutely shocked and still am.

I would love to give in to anger and rant, rave, and bitch, but that would only be giving in to more of the pain that exists in the world and I refuse to do that. Instead, I'll honor her request, take her out of my life, and try not to hold her irrational behavior against her. Much easier said than done, though, and it caused me a lot of stress. Stress that came out in...

Funeral of a Friend

It's a funeral for a friendship, so I am placing a
lovely memorial stone on it. R I P

Pain. Pain from my tooth - I'm suddenly starting to be really happy that I can get this taken care of on Wednesday. I don't think I got more than two hours of sleep in a row for the entire night, waking up in so much pain I was rocking with it and tears were falling. Mid-night, I finally gave up and took more pain pills. Then I was finally able to sleep until a little after 8 am, even though I did wake up several more times. Last night I only took two pain pills and managed to sleep relatively well, waking at midnight, but then going back to sleep until my alarm awakened me. I'm still upset about my friend, but a day off has allowed the worst of the pain to begin healing. And playing LOTRO for much of the day yesterday, hooking up with one of my fic-friends in-game was wonderful and very helpful. Now I need to rewrite the story I wanted to post on Wednesday. I'm VERY not happy with it. I'm going to scrap more than 90% of it and rewrite, it will be much better as a result. It's the beginning of a new week, let's all hope for a good one.
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I'm so sorry that your weekend ended up being such a trial. And I'm sorry about what happened with your friend. Had that happen to me a little over a year ago, and I'm still grieving the loss and a little angry over the cruel way the friendship was ended. The memorial stone was a good idea. Wish I'd been as creative as you are. Instead, I blogged about it in here. :-p Yeach!!

Hopefully, once that tooth is taken care of, things will begin to look up for you. And there is no lost honor in taking painkillers for a killer toothache!! My son had a bad tooth that would flare every once in a while, leaving him literally screaming. I had one tooth go so bad that by the time I made it to the dentist, I was almost passing out from the pain.

Take whatever pain mediation the Universe has seen fit to put in your path with a clear conscience, okey? If you weren't meant to take painkillers, you wouldn't have been born in an era when they were so easily available. And I hope you can take it easy both before and after the oral surgeon, and sleep as much as you need to without guilt.

Sending good thoughts and vibes in your direction.
Aearwen - you are another friend on this list that I hope I have a chance to meet someday. We have tons in common :-)

I will take whatever medications I have available to me. Usually I'm fairly OK, but when I'm stressed, the stress builds up in my muscles and my jaw is, of course, also affected, which then affects the tooth. It's a nasty roller coaster ride of no pain followed by killer pain, and then back to none. If it was my emotions doing this ride, they'd probably lock me up - LOL.

Thanks for the good thoughts and the kind words and advice. They really mean a lot to me.

- Erulisse (one L)