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New Day, New Journal, New Goals

 Well, April 1st came and I felt empty. There was no daily prompt that I needed to configure a story to meet, and no deadline to push towards. But my "friends" (actually, they are friends - very good friends) came to my rescue and posted three different challenges which I promptly fell into. So I have three other deadlines to meet, one of which is next week, and stories in the works again. Call me happy :-)

Typing on Keyboard

My keyboard has been getting quite a workout lately. It's
been so much fun!

In order to have a place to post my stories, I set up a secondary Live Journal account solely for my writing. I will be moving all of my B2ME stories over to there and doing some editing on those as well as grouping them in a more chronological manner. I will be "friend-locking" the journal eventually, so you will have to be approved before you can access it. Contact me if you are interested in reading on that account and I'll friend you in. Otherwise, I will still be posting my stories in other public places, including Silmarillion Writers Guild and Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction.

Ocean View Vancouver

I think I want a nice ocean view. Since there is no
ocean within 1000's of miles from Minnesota, I'll just
have to use a picture for my weekend relax. Now...
where is my drink with the little umbrella and the
cabana boy....

I have my day off coming up tomorrow, Italian to look forward to tonight, my husband's hydrocodone to keep the pain to manageable levels and nothing to worry about until Tuesday evening. Then I'll allow myself to panic a little bit. But for now, I'm going to enjoy my weekend. I'll play Lord of the Rings Online tomorrow, I'll write a little bit, and I'll swing by Target to pick up a few groceries...all will be peaceful and restful, at least for one short span of time. Have a great weekend - think Spring!
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