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Happy New Year (April Fool's Day)

 So, we have Pope Gregory, the "wise" man who also eliminated two weeks out of the month of October one year to allow the calendar to catch up with actual celestial time, to thank for celebrating our new year in the middle of winter. Prior to the Gregorian Calendar, new year was celebrated at the end of March.

Actually, it's not that long ago that people still followed the old ways - even in the US, through the first few centuries (probably into the 1700's) the "colonies" celebrated their new year at the end of March - thus leading to the term of April fools when referring to those who held onto the old ways. I'm happily an April fool. It makes no sense to celebrate a new year when there is three feet or more of snow on the ground.

Tree of Life

April is a good month. By now the Quickening is happening and the trees and grass are starting to feel renewed. By the end of this month, the green will be out. I love April, even though we're bound to get up to two more small snows and a fair amount of rain. I need blue skies to be truly joyous, and it's hard to get a blue sky if it is raining (duh - I know...what do you want for 5 am?).

Spring Flowers

I am going to enjoy my Friday. I have two story prompts keeping me going on writing, and I still have so many other things to do, so I'm not worried that I'll be over-extended with jobs and such before you know. So revel in this day of spring (or fall if you're south of the equator) and dance for the return of growing things. Happy, happy...
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thus leading to the term of April fools when referring to those who held onto the old ways

I didn't know that!
Thanks Shirebound. Apparently it is just one more time when the Church decided that the old ways needed changing so that Pagan rituals would not be celebrated by Christian people . What ever happened to practical common sense?

- Erulisse (one L)
LOL, but there's one really good example of a Pagan ritual that Christians still celebrate - Christmas. December 25 was chosen by the early Christians to coincide with the Roman feast of Sol Invictus - the Unconquered Sun. They could celebrate without calling attention to themselves.

And I don't think anyone who knows a little about Pagan rituals and has been to an Easter Vigil Mass and seen the lighting of the new fire would have any question where that ritual originated from.

Erm. Studying theology sort of ruined Catholicism for me. ;)
Studying religions and the history of religions closely ruined organized religion for me. I have always had great admiration for those who truly are people of god - the Dahli Lama, a local priest that I once knew, a pastor here and there. But most people - no. I guess I'm a cynic at heart :-)

I do, firmly, believe in a higher power, however. Term it Spirit, Gaia, Eru, or whatever, there is something that is far more powerful than we are to help us learn.

- Erulisse (one L)
I love that picture with the flowers, you find wonderful pictures for your posts!

I didn't know about the April's Fool either. Today it's a so-so day over here. Look forward to those blue skies, too...
Thank you, I really love looking through pictures. Other people go through play lists for music, I look at pictures and art. I hope I helped your spring get a little brighter.

I actually just heard about the whole Pope Gregory thing when I caught a short bit on History Channel about the popes. Since I generally am not fond of the Catholic Church, I operate under the umbrella of "know thine enemy" and try to find out as much about organized religions, their histories and beliefs as possible :-))

- Erulisse (one L)
I'm most definitely an April Fool - and to prove that fact, my Hubby and I celebrate 33 years married today.

I also like the practicality of figuring the cycle of a year from one quickening to the next - or, in true Pagan style, from end of Harvestime to the next. To start a year in the dead of winter is on the same level, mentally and philosophically, as beginning and ending a day in the dead of night.

Good to hear you're still working on story prompts. Hope you have a happy Friday.

Happy Anniversary, Aearwen. I'll be celebrating (or mourning, depending on viewpoint) 32 years of marriage this September :-)

Celebrate and enjoy, the two of you certainly deserve it.

- Erulisse (one L)
Thanks, Linda. I think that Tolkien's date is much more sensible, even if it did depend on when a certain gold band managed to hit the mountain's flame :-)

I love looking for pictures for my blog/journal entries, and I'm so happy you enjoyed these :-)

- Erulisse (one L)