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Updates and Completions

 Although I post my blog to my LJ account also, the update that I gave mid-day about my dental visit was only posted there. So I beg forebearance from my F-list friends for posting a small review here (again).

So, I went to the dentist yesterday morning. I actually was rather hoping that it would be something that could be taken care of easily. But it didn't turn out to be the case. So, I need a root canal in that tooth, and it just sucks. After freaking out for a while, and having a glass of wine, and researching the procedure on-line (at least as much as I could bear to do), I phoned the Endodontic dentist that Dr B had recommended and set up an appointment for my personal apacalypse. So next Wednesday at 9am I will get this taken care of, and then there will be at least one and maybe more than one appointment after that to finish things out and generally, after too many appointments for comfort, and an extraordinary amount of money, I'll have it fixed. That will leave me totally broke and hitting my DH's pain pills for the next week. SO not good. I think I'll enjoy my week as if it is my last - although that's never a bad idea anyway.

This is quite the wedding gown, isn't it? I doubt that my niece,
being the daughter of two very practical people, would ever
wear anything like this, but I like looking at pretty dresses...

This will put the total kabosh on attending my niece's wedding in August. It was doubtful to begin with, but the $2000+ that this stupid tooth will end up costing me will put the total cap on that. It's OK, it is the same weekend as Irish Fair and I'll have a total wonderful time out there. But it would have been fun to see my cousin and her husband again, as well as my niece all grown up on what, hopefully, will be the happiest day of her life.

Confetti and Balloons

I'm celebrating - Days 1-31 and a story for each day. Yippee!

And I completed B2ME last night with a short and humerous snippet. I can't believe that I managed to write something for each day in March, and I am pretty happy with everything that I wrote. Now I want to review and revise, and finally get everything chronological and posted as a series. When I get my updated and complete passport I'll post it here. It'll look beautiful. Have a creative and pain-free day!
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