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Updates and Completions

 Although I post my blog to my LJ account also, the update that I gave mid-day about my dental visit was only posted there. So I beg forebearance from my F-list friends for posting a small review here (again).

So, I went to the dentist yesterday morning. I actually was rather hoping that it would be something that could be taken care of easily. But it didn't turn out to be the case. So, I need a root canal in that tooth, and it just sucks. After freaking out for a while, and having a glass of wine, and researching the procedure on-line (at least as much as I could bear to do), I phoned the Endodontic dentist that Dr B had recommended and set up an appointment for my personal apacalypse. So next Wednesday at 9am I will get this taken care of, and then there will be at least one and maybe more than one appointment after that to finish things out and generally, after too many appointments for comfort, and an extraordinary amount of money, I'll have it fixed. That will leave me totally broke and hitting my DH's pain pills for the next week. SO not good. I think I'll enjoy my week as if it is my last - although that's never a bad idea anyway.

This is quite the wedding gown, isn't it? I doubt that my niece,
being the daughter of two very practical people, would ever
wear anything like this, but I like looking at pretty dresses...

This will put the total kabosh on attending my niece's wedding in August. It was doubtful to begin with, but the $2000+ that this stupid tooth will end up costing me will put the total cap on that. It's OK, it is the same weekend as Irish Fair and I'll have a total wonderful time out there. But it would have been fun to see my cousin and her husband again, as well as my niece all grown up on what, hopefully, will be the happiest day of her life.

Confetti and Balloons

I'm celebrating - Days 1-31 and a story for each day. Yippee!

And I completed B2ME last night with a short and humerous snippet. I can't believe that I managed to write something for each day in March, and I am pretty happy with everything that I wrote. Now I want to review and revise, and finally get everything chronological and posted as a series. When I get my updated and complete passport I'll post it here. It'll look beautiful. Have a creative and pain-free day!
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Your passport must look awesome. Congratulations!

I've had several root canals, and they're so expensive. It's a shame our teeth aren't sturdier and longer lasting. *sigh*
Well, it will come out of the HSA, which I just funded last week for 2010. Easy in, not so easy out - sigh. Why can't we have the long lives and long-staying bodies of the Numenorians any more?

- Erulisse (one L)
Awww - I am so sorry about the pain, money AND worry about the root canal. Hugs. And many congrats on the passport!
Thank you, my good friend. I'm thrilled about my passport and about having met my goal of all 31 days. The last day was very hard for me, but turned out very funny, so all was good. I'll ignore my tooth (except for the pain meds) until early next week when I'll start stressing out again. LOL

- Erulisse (one L)
This whole tooth thing really is a nightmare. I'm so sorry. Congrats on getting B2ME done, though!
Thanks Clodia. I am being reassured by many of my friends that it won't be bad, so I'll manage. Maybe I'll have to work all of this into a story down the road.... I'll get Day 31 posted tonight, and then I think it might be time to do some more serious work on Helwaywe, after I talk with her for a bit.

- Erulisse (one L)
That's just ridiculously expensive for something that you *need* to have done. :(

But congrats on finishing! I still haven't got an idea for this last prompt; I'll have to brainstorm some more. Though Glorfindel is beginning to nudge me into a direction... :)
I had a very difficult time with this last prompt, but managed to work a story that I hope didn't borrow too much from other things I've read over the years. It did have my own spin, at any rate. I think if I had been constricted to a single character(s) as you and Azalais did, I would have had an even harder time deciding on the direction for Day 31.

And yes, the money needed for this tooth is truly ridiculous.

- Erulisse (one L)
¡Ai carambë! Now that's painful news -- both the root canal and its cost. Mr. Pandemonium had a dental implant performed a few years back when we were simultaneously "between jobs" and briefly uninsured. I recollect that cost in the order of $2000 plus. Makes me appreciate my current employer's dental insurance plan in a big way. I hope you can get the pharmacological peace you want for the procedure.

A hearty congrats on what will most certainly be a highly decorated passport and for taking the plunge and making your debut as a Tolkienian fan fic writer. You did good, hon, and have every cause to celebrate. Gilfanon thinks your achievement is a splendid excuse for a big party at the House of a Hundred Chimneys. :^)

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Sweet! Can Helyanwe come and party too? She wears the Kennedy Antique tartan - it has a lovely lavender and yellow stripe going through an olive green background. She'd enjoy a party a lot.

Seriously, though, your kind thoughts mean a great deal to me. So many of you are so much more experienced at this writing game than I am, and the thought that I created something that you enjoyed sends me over the top :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I'm so feeling your pain! I am a dentist wimp. I do NOT go unless the pain is unbearable and even then, I wait until I'm in tears. Which is probably why I've had to endure several root canals, which I've found are not really that bad in themselves pain wise (once they numb you, that's it! They get rid of the nerve and no more pain in that tooth! But the procedure is lengthy and ... I just hate having someone staring that long in my open mouth, you know? ;P So don't worry too much. I find fillings far more painful than root canals. The crown buildup isn't painful either and then the crown itself it just...yuck. that stuff they put in your mouth for a mold is NASTY! But not painful. :)

No, the painful part is what dentists do to your WALLET! YIKES!

HUGS! You'll get through it! Sending lots of good thoughts and some extra horsey kisses. =D
Thanks so much, NiRi, for your kind thoughts and personal experiences. I'm sure I'll live through it, if I can get through the shots. After that, it's a walk in the park. I'll still be a wreck on Wednesday morning, but I'm surprisingly calm until then (the narcotics I'm taking for the pain probably are helping with that too - LOL).

- Erulisse (one L)