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So, it's not going to be as easy a fix as I had hoped, although I didn't have to deal with needles and nastiness today.  Turns out it had nothing to do with my fall of five weeks ago, and everything to do with my body being a traitor to my mental age (which bears no calendrical relationship to my physical age).  Apparently the stupid tooth has a nerve (I actually did know that) and that nerve is dying (I'm less that thrilled about that) and therefore I have to see a specialist in Endodontics to have a root canal.  ICKY!!!!!  

After speaking to one of the doctors my dentist recommended, I won't use her unless I have to because she only uses gas and novacaine and I have NO intention of being awake, alert, or cogniscent in any way.  But after trying to find a Endodontic dentist who will actually put me out, I'm starting to strike out.  This isn't good.  I'm going to continue trying, though.  For a procedure that will end up costing me WAY too frakkin' much, I don't want to be feeling ANY of it.  I will continue the hunt.  

In the meantime, however, I am still in pain and even though I know the solution to the problem, I'm not altogether sure if the cure isn't worse than the illness... <sigh>.  

Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts and positive strokes.  I would never have been as calm about any of this without them!  

- Erulisse (one L)

This didn't post the first time, so I'm trying again.  If it got lost in cyberspace and posts twice, I hope you forgive me.  
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Oh no, I'm sorry this is all more complicated and more expensive and more horrible than you were hoping! What a nuisance. But at least you know what the problem is now and can get it sorted? Even if getting it sorted is horrible enough. *BIG hugs*
It is horrid. I researched it for a few hours and resigned myself to it. They had an opening at 9am for next Wednesday, so I set up the appointment. I am already dreading it, but it has to get taken care of. After this appointment, which will be $1200 or so, I will still have to get more work done by my dentist to finish it up . This is an expense that doesn't even count against my deductible for my insurance - NOT FAIR - because my insurance doesn't cover dental.

I'll make it through, but I am not happy :-( Thank goodness for F-list friends - all of you made me much more courageous.

- Erulisse (one L)
Wow, that's a hell of a bill! I'm so sorry. That on top of the stress of having to go through the root canal is just insult to injury. But you can't sleep with painkillers forever. *more hugs*
If I could, I probably would. But it would wreck my body which is already traitorous. So I'll "gird up my loins" on Wednesday and enter the arena. I've already warned them that I am like a frightened rabbit, and maybe I can salute the emperor as I walk into the Colosseum.

- Erulisse (one L)
I found that cooling my cheek with an ice pack helped almost as much as pain killers. Did you get something to tide you over until next Wednesday? Because I think I would have gone crazy with that sort of pain for a week. :/
Unfortunately, no I didn't get anything for the pain. I'll manage - maybe not very well, but I'll manage. I think my DH still has some heavy-duty pain relievers from his last surgery - he prefers to suffer :-)

Thanks for the info on your own root canal. I feel more hopeful now :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I had a root canal last year - my first - and after hearing people tell horror stories about it, I have to say it wasn't painful at all (and I'm scared of dentists and pain too). It was more of a nuisance, because I had to keep my mouth wide open for almost an hour which was tiring, but that was really the most annoying thing about the entire procedure. *g*

It sucks that your regular dentist won't do it, though I wonder why he didn't at least open the tooth? The terrible pain comes from the pressure of the infected nerve inside the tooth, and pretty much as soon as it is opened, the pain lessens. After a sleepless night, that was such a relief to me - I had the actual root canal a couple days after that.

So *hugs* - it really isn't as scary as it sounds. If you get put out for the treatment, you shouldn't feel anything once you wake. :)
Well, I didn't find anyone to put me out, but I have to get this taken care of, so next Wednesday at 9am I am walking into that arena, sword raised, ready to say "We who are about to die salute you". LOL. Thanx for your input about your own procedure, I feel a bit better now :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Having to keep my mouth wide open for such a long time was definitely the worst thing about the entire procedure. I was really relieved because I was quite scared before it as well.

And if the pain gets too bad in the meantime, maybe you could call your regular dentist and ask if he can't just drill the tooth open and close it provisionally with some cotton wool? That's what mine did for me, and the pain went away that same day, so I was fine until I had the root canal a few days later. *hugs*
I'm so sorry to hear this and hope you can soon find a suitable dentist and can ease your toothache in the meantime.