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Ouch and Yawn

 I am exhausted. I'm not sleeping well because my tooth hurts. I'm calling my dentist today and getting things scheduled to have another look. I rarely, if ever, take pain medication. I've had to take far too many Advil to be able to manage the pain. I think teeth are the worst - it's right inside your head like a marching band with a good drum corp. But it doesn't make me happy - at all.


Toothache - it's not a laughing matter. But then
there's this bank....OK, it IS a laughing matter.

So, since I'm not sleeping well, I'm exhausted with a Friday exhaustion, instead of a Tuesday exhaustion. I'll be a wreck for the rest of the week. I may well bluw off opening the store tomorrow and let myself sleep, or take an afternoon nap for an hour or two to try and catch up. But that's tomorrow and I need to concentrate on today.

Passport Thru Day 22

My B2ME Passport updated through Day 22. There
won't be any white space left after Day 31 - LOL.

B2ME is wrapping up. I've had such a good time writing for this challenge. I'm up-to-date with my stories and just posted Day 27 publicly today. I have a group of very picky readers at Lizard Council who look my pieces over and catch errors that I may have in them. Thank goodness for eyes other than mine. Their catches have allowed me to have tighter, better crafted stories. Thanks, LC.
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