Birthday Balloons

Happy Birthday Just Ann Now

just_ann_now, it's your birthday and such a special day deserves a very special cupcake. I know that you're really good about taking care of yourself with yoga and diet, so I thought a full cake might be over-the-top but that a cupcake might be OK. Have a day of joyful celebration and a year of friends, family and happiness ahead of you. It's been several years now since we first became friends and I cherish the memories we've had the opportunity to make and share. Happy birthday, my friend.

- Erulisse (one L)

 photo BirthdayforJustAnnNow2014_zps651a8a90.jpg
Wow, what a cupcake! Though I did take my weekly 8k walk this morning, so any amount of cake would be permissible to my mind. Thank you! {{hugs}}