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Another Week - Eeek!

 It's Monday, and I really wish it wasn't. I had a very relaxing day yesterday, played Lord of the Rings Online for most of the day. I decided to start another new character on our new server, Imladris, so I made a minstrel. A healer is always welcome.

And I played her up to Level 12, so I worked at her for a few hours. We interrupted for dinner, and of course we watched the basketball. VCU Rocks! I would have preferred for Butler and VCU to be in different brackets for the Final Four, but unfortunately they play each other, so I'm stuck wanting both teams to win for the final. But both teams are unexpected, and are a lot of fun to watch.

VCU Basketball

I have continued writing my daily stories for B2ME, and that is coming to an end this week. Today's topic has me challenged, but I'll think of something. And apparently I am catching the imaginations of quite a few friends because I have several people asking me to continue writing. I've enjoyed it, and I think that my writing has improved, so I will certainly consider it, although not on a daily basis.

LOTRO The Shire

This screenshot is from The Shire in LOTRO. I love
The Shire, it's just a beautiful area in the game. Other
places, like Angmar...NOT so nice - LOL.

And today it's back to the routine. Dr Pat first thing in the morning, then I think I'll grab some breakfast, then on to work (got to get some personal bills paid) and finally to the grocer and home. Like I said, routine. Life could be worse :-) Enjoy your day!
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I hope your Monday is swift and painless. What a lovely painting of the Shire.
It is lovely. It is a screenshot from Lord of the Rings Online. The only reason I play that game is because it brings me into Middle Earth. Love it!

Hope you had a great birthday!

- Erulisse (one L)
Doh, I totally have to run into you yet on LOTRO... I was on all day and night on Sunday... next weekend, poke me! I have a lvl 12 who'd be more than happy to come say hi (and other lvls, too, but more fun for lvl buddies to hang out).

Friday nights our kin has taken to doing RP pub crawls. I know you're not usually on that night, but if ever you should be, it's good times.
I saw you on my active friends list on Sunday, but I was with my new character, one that you didn't have the name for. Callethwen is my minstrel. You were on with Bainith, and then AFK with Zhie in the Rivendell Valley. I made her and worked her up to Level 12. She's ready to dive into things at Thrasis's hunting lodge and work towards Thorin's Hall. My DH's latest dwarf is still working his way down from Thorin's hall and will probably meet me in the middle. I'll try to poke you next time, I promise!

- Erulisse (one L)