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Middle Earth Reigns - at least in MY life

 March 25th, Victory over Sauron day, Frodo destroyed the One Ring on this day in 3019 Third Age

LOTR Ring on Fire

Yesterday's Back to Middle Earth story was my longest yet, and almost led to verbal blows between my DH and I. It is very difficult to revise and pare down a story, choosing just the right word and flow through speech, when one's Dear Husband, Darned Husband, D____d Husband is shouting at the television while X or Y or Z basketball team does A or B or C shot. Aarrgghhhhh. But I finally got it finished and posted for my friends at my writers board to take a look. I'll probably still try and revise this one some more before my final, chronological posting after the month is completed. Today's prompt is making me think much shorter, although I'll be able to work my Original Female Character (OFC in the jargon) back into it again. That will make three stories so far this month that have been able to have her as a participating character. I'm delighted.

Harriet Island Flood

It's hard to imagine, but the waterfilled area in front of the pavillion
is normally grass covered and we'll be here in August for Irish Fair. This
island usually floods in the spring melt-down and when the pavillion was
refurbished a few years ago, they made it very flood resistant. The
water has gone more than 10 feet high inside it in past years.

And we have sunshine, but still cool temperatures. That is helping our floods, although the rivers are rising quickly and we will have the lower lands flooded by the weekend. Flood walls, levees, and sandbag walls are built and continue to be shored up. I suspect we will lose a great deal of our snow cover over the next week and many people will be impacted in so many ways. Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes (although we actually have more than 10,000) and water is an always-present problem in the spring floods.

When Anar Rose Detail

Just a reminder, bidding on my jewelry box will end on Sunday. Please take a look at it, and bid HIGH. Every penny that we can get to help eliminate colorectal cancer is worthwhile. Here is a direct link to the eBay auction page,  

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