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Election Day

 Today is Election Day in the US. I don't care who you want to vote for or whether you just don't care at all or are passionate about politics, get out there and vote. Stand in line, get your ballot, and vote. No excuses.

Vote poster
 Honor your past - VOTE!

Why am I so passionate about this right? Start thinking about it. First of all - women have been able to vote for LESS than 100 years! Less than 100 years! Before that we had no say at all in our own futures. That, in itself, should be enough to get every woman to the polls, but I know it won't be for some of you. So think about this.

Vote - Suffragette
Suffragettes went to prison - some even died for the
right to vote. Honor your grandparents - VOTE!

People around the world take their lives into their hands to go to their local polls and vote. That's right, people die for this right that we take for granted. Your grandmothers died and/or were arrested to have this right, and your grandfathers were beaten and shot because they had the courage to express their convictions at the polls. Respect your heritage and get yourself to the polls to vote.

Vote Rights Activist
People around the world and even in our own country
have fought hard for the right to vote. Don't waste
their efforts on your behalf. VOTE!

And finally, if you want a change in policy; if you want the economy to recover and if you want to see things shift, send a message to Washington DC and vote. Vote for a change. I'm not saying who I will vote for, because I truly haven't made up my mind (it a choice of bad and badder), but make change happen if you want to see change. Make your voice count. In 1860, 81% of the qualified population voted. 81%!!! Try to get the percentages up again and stake your own personal claim in history -
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