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Driving, Skating ... What's the Difference?

 We're almost at the end of our winter. The past week has been warm enough that snowbanks in the open have mostly melted, and the rain that we had also helped that. But last night we got a lovely double-whammy - a sleet storm followed by snow.

We've had snow much later in the year in the past, so this is not unexpected, but it is always rather disheartening when we start to feel spring in our hearts and we get crap like this. So I'll be shoveling again this morning and spending time with that before I get the lovely opportunity literally drive all over the cities to deliver things or pick things up. I think I deserve a nice breakfast - LOL.

Cocaine Toothache

Obviously I am in the wrong century (this is from the 1880's).
I notice that their little building is not well made and that they
are apparently marketing these towards children. What a difference
a century plus makes - LOL.

I broke down and took two Aleve last night and actually slept through the night without pain. I am grateful, I don't think there is anything worse than tooth aches - they are directly in your head and just interfere with every thought and process. The ache is at such a low level. I promise, if I feel any sharp pains I'll see my dentist immediately but while it is just aching, I'll just watch it carefully.

B2ME Passport Days 1-12

This is my B2ME passport for Days 1-12. I've now completed through
Day 22, so I'll have LOTS more location stamps the next time I download
my passport. Such fun!

I am continuing to participate in Back to Middle Earth month and haven't missed a day's worth of storytelling yet. I think that my writing skills are improving as I work on this, and I am certain that my editing skills are getting much better. Today is the 23rd, so there are eight days remaining and I can hardly wait to see what the other storyline prompts will be. I guess I'll have to continue writing, at least a bit, because I'm enjoying it too much. Finally - a "hobby" that won't cost mega dollars for me to participate in - LOL.
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Writing is one of the best hobbies in the world, if only because words are cheap and never wear out. I'm glad you managed to get through the night without worrying about the toothache, but I do hope you'll do something if it doesn't go away! From experience, bad teeth only get worse. (*sob*) And I will catch up the rest of your B2ME stories when I can. They're delightful snippets. Congratulations on keeping up to speed with the prompts!
Thanks, I'm enjoying it. I am realizing, though, that if I ever write something longer I'll have a devil of a time. I revise, and revise, and revise again and again. Generally 4 times minimum, and I've been known to revise up to 10 times before I release to the Lizards to have a look. If I did a longer work, I might never end with the revisions to allow it to see the light of day :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I revise, and revise, and revise again and again

I still do that with works posted in 2008. Basically, if I can fiddle, I will, which is one good thing about writing being on the internet where it can be changed, and not in a book, because I would look at it and start writing edits in the margins, and want reprints XD. I think it's true that the more you write the more you edit, and the more you can see needs it, even if technically, it's fine.

I had a toothache that went on for weeks once, and it almost drove me insane. Back then, I had agoraphobia so badly, I would not have sat in a dentist's chair unless I was unconscious. But it was not worth it :( I had an abscess too and had to go and have the tooth removed -- actually they did knock me out then, they don't do it now, I'm told. Best time of my life, sad to say.

Hugs and take care.
I'm in my upper 50's for age, and have only had my wisdom teeth and one other tooth pulled. I feel quite fortunate that I have all of my original teeth and I try my best to take excellent care of them. This has me a bit concerned, but if it is minor and not too bothersome, then I can just mention it when I have my next scheduled appointment. Otherwise, I'll have to call and get a special appt scheduled and that can be more difficult.

Thanks for the good feelings, they go a long way towards making me feel better :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I feel quite fortunate that I have all of my original teeth and I try my best to take excellent care of them.

My teeth and mouth are healthy, I am glad to say. The one pulled was a filling that cracked and came out. :\ I was an even bigger wuss then, than now, even though the dentists are invariably very nice!
Oh, boy, do I feel your pain. We got four inches of snow Monday night into Tuesday morning - miserable!

And your writing? Definitely improving, and it wasn't terrible to start with. :)
You are VERY kind. And when you have the time to crit, I always get something from your observations. Thank goodness for LC, I would never post publicly without having it vetted first through other eyes.

- Erulisse (one L)
Yippee - finished with my on to laundry (sigh)
Damned snow. We got 5-6 inches of wet, slushy, heavy snow overnight and expect another 2-4 inches today. I've already shoveled twice and I'll do it at least one more time before going to the store this afternoon. I'm SO tired of this winter!!!

- Erulisse (one L)