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Raising a Flag of Cowardice

 My back tooth has been aching. Not hurting because sharp pain would drag me into the dentist quickly. Just aching. But enough that it woke me up at 2:30 am and I only slept fitfully until my alarm was almost ready to go off at 3:30 am.

It started aching after my icey pratfall a few weeks ago when I chipped my front tooth. I guess I jarred the back filling or crown, whatever it has, a bit loose also and I'm not looking forward to getting it taken care of.

Surf Dawgs

My dentist is a member of the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame and
plays with the Surf Dawgs - a Beach Boys-type of band. At least
he's not boring.

There are tortures that people put others under. Of course, those who do that have given up their right to be called people at all, but that's neither here nor there. I almost equate dentistry with that, except that dentistry is necessary torture. But I always feel that I should get a friggin' award ribbon after surviving any type of dental procedure. And it's not the procedure that bothers me - it's the shot(s) of novacaine. I have such an extreme amount of needle-phobia and I just can't handle it. My dentist is awesome - he gives me gas (calls me his rabbit in the headlights look if I haven't gotten the gas) and also prescribes tranquilizers for me when I have to promise that my DH will drive me back and forth. I can't get work done without those crutches. But at least they allow me to survive the experience with bearable stress levels. And so I look at the possibility of having to get work done on this tooth, and I resign myself to hanging in there and seeing if the ache gets worse before calling for an appointment because I really would rather avoid this if at all possible. So am I a coward? Oh yeah, in this instance, I plead the white flag of cowardice.

And please remember to bid high on my box for Beading For A Cure, or if you see other items there that appeal more to you, then bid high on those. Just follow the link and then click on the Auctions button to get to the eBay location.
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*enormous sympathy*

I hope you don't have to face the needle. All the same, at least that's only a morning's worth of terror, contra a long-lasting, tedious ache in the mouth? Especially if it's keeping you awake at night. Your dentist sounds like a lot of fun, in any case.
My dentist is a lot of fun. But going to see him professionally is never one of the high points of my life. I'll adopt a temporary wait and see attitude, but I fear that my patience and pain tolerance will not last for long. Thanks for your kind thoughts (loved your latest installment in the Saint Ann series, BTW).

- Erulisse (one L)
*hugs* Tooth trouble really is such a nightmare. Good luck with patience or with facing the needle, whichever you end up doing in the end.

(And thanks! that's always so nice to hear. :))
De-lurking with a question about your box
*waves from Friends-of-Friends*

How deep are the compartments in the top tray? It looks like there are lots of nice deep ones underneath (which is exactly what I've been looking for). Is the top designed mainly for earrings?
Re: De-lurking with a question about your box
Hi! The top is made for shallower items, but the total depth of the box is more than seven inches deep total (dimeensions are on the eBay write up for the auction.

You could easily use the top for earrings, chains, flatter bracelets, but the bottom will hold large pins, cuff bracelets, etc. And there is the front drop-down for rings also (I'm quite fond of rings). I hope you get it, I would love for it to go to a Tolkien lover and friend of a friend.

- Erulisse (one L)
Sandra Graves
Re: De-lurking with a question about your box
Thank you! Seven inches is wonderfully deep, and I have chains, bracelets, and lighter things that would probably fit nicely in the top tray. *limbers up bidding fingers*
Re: De-lurking with a question about your box
Good luck, and thanks for asking.

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh no. Huge hugs.

I had tranquillizers for my composites a couple of years back, but none at all for the procedures prior to that. :\

It is torture for me because I cannot bear to be sat in a chair, tipped back, and knowing I cannot easily move. I almost go completely mad, even with the tranquillizers. I just don't know how I got through the last time :(

Hugs you again!
I would never make it without every legal drug I can get/take. I would rather have surgery than dental work - aren't I a piece of wuss work? LOL

- Erulisse (one L)
I actually think that you are wonderfully brave. You have a nasty health condition, and you write on the edge fiction, and handle both things with great dignity and skill. I admire you tremendously.

- Erulisse (one L)
You have a nasty health condition,

Which I whinge about, often, although generally to my mother, who gets fed up of it.

you write on the edge fiction

I never think of it as being on the edge, to be honest. It feels *right* to write what I do, whereas I could not write a het romance to be popular, or a genfic to be acceptable, because mentally both those things would make me feel like I was pulling nails with my teeth. Writing what I write, on the other hand, feels natural.

But yes, I have to say, I have never ever considered what I write to be *on the edge*. I do click warnings of course, but it didn't occur to me before I found fanfic archives that warnings were even needed, since they are not used on books, at least not in the UK.
You might not consider your fic to be on the edge, but it is, and it is why I enjoy it so much. Not just Vanimore and Elgalad, but also bringing Feanor and the Noldo back in force, that is edgy. I know I'll enjoy the Weapons again when you pick that one up again - lots of strong women in that one and it'll be fun.'re edgy. And it's a VERY good thing.

- Erulisse (one L)
Not just Vanimore and Elgalad, but also bringing Feanor and the Noldo back in force, that is edgy.

That had to be done; getting rid of the most incredible characters in Middle-earth's history, and to allow only one back? (Glorfindel) That just was not acceptable to me. The thread running through LOTR of the time of Men arising, and the Elves leaving? I hate it with a passion. I wanted to change it from when I was about 16. :D
Oh, Absolutely!!! Elves rule! And Feanor is just too spicy to let lie.

- Erulisse (one L)
I read, and I sympathised. Poor you. I don't mind routine checks at the dentist, but my last experience beyond that was two wisdom teeth out. Believe me, needles are your friends, in this case!

Needles can be a friend, but I have some really serious issues with them and would do a 1000 times better with an IV than Novocaine. I normally have very low blood pressure. Put me into this situation and it suddenly goes through the roof because I am so utterly frightened. I still go through with it because I have to, but I would rather go into battle.

- Erulisse (one L)